Philips Voice Australia Now Offering 2 Year Warranty

Philips Dictation Australia - Free Upgrade To 2 Years Warranty

Philips Dictation in Australia have just updated their website to allow online registering of certain Philips recorders giving the end user an extra year of warranty for free.  All Philips voice equipment comes with a 1 year warranty as standard, by registering your purchase that will be extended by Philips to two years, so well worth doing for an extra five minutes of your time.

The warranty upgrade only applies to the Digital Pocket Memo recorders, the 955 Conference Kit, SpeechMikes and all other dictation equipment except the Digital Voice Tracers. The warranty upgrade doesn’t just start from now, if you have bought any of the above covered products in 2010 it can be registered for the free warranty upgrade.

Click here to register your Philips dictation product for two years warranty.

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