Olympus Australia Discontinue The DS-30 & DS-40 Digital Voice Recorders

It is with deep sadness that I bring to you the news of the demise of the Olympus DS-30 digital voice recorder. Here we go again, yet another recorder dumped by Olympus Australia this year. This model discontinued will very soon also be followed by the DS-40, Olympus are running out their remaining stock, so … read more

Welcome to Australia – New Olympus DS-3400 Digital Dictaphone

News filtered through this week that on a flight from Japan a load of new Olympus digital voice recorders has arrived at the Melbourne headquarters for Olympus Voice, the Olympus DS-3400. This makes the past few weeks busy ones for the Olympus folks as they also took delivery of the DS-50 replacement the DS-65 (see this post).


New Olympus DS-3400 Digital Dictaphone
New Olympus DS-3400 Digital Dictaphone


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New Olympus DS-65 Digital Voice Recorder Launched In Australia – DS-50 Replacement

Olympus DS-65 Digital Voice Recorder Stereo Mic

Some surprising news out of Olympus Australia yesterday, the Olympus DS-50 digital voice recorder which was perfect for large meetings and focus groups has been discontinued in Australia and replaced with a new model the Olympus DS-65.

With the demise of the DS-50 I would assume that the days are numbered also for the popular DS-30 and DS-40 recorders, likely they will both be replaced when the DS-55 comes down under in the near future.

From the outside the blue DS-65 looks the same as the DS-50, same size, same fantastic stereo mic tagged on the top. The difference between the models lies in the internals. Some of the key differences with the Olympus DS-65 are:

  • 2Gb of internal memory (double that of the DS-50 which had 1Gb)
  • Max. recording time of 33hours 50mins on the highest quality recording mode STXQ
  • Support for Audible .aa audio format for audio books

The Olympus DS-65 comes in at the same RRP as the DS-50 which is currently $795 incl. GST and is available now from Dictate Australia and other official Olympus Australia distributors.

Olympus DS-65 Digital Dictaphone

Here are the full specifications for the Olympus DS-65…

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Where Did That Come From – Olympus DS-3400

On a quiet Tuesday evening, nothing much to do, thought I would do some surfing on the web. Called into one of the most static sites you will find, the Olympus Voice Australia website. Clicked on the what’s new link and boom – DS-3400 Coming Soon ! Why was I surprised by this? Well, apart … read more

The Easy Way To Record Phone Conversations On Any Telephone

Have you ever finished a phone call and thought gee I wish I could have recorded that conversation? Maybe you are a journalist and regularly interview people by phone or you have regular business meetings by phone? The TP-7 telephone pickup mic from Olympus is a microphone that can be used with any Olympus digital … read more

Help! My Transcriptionist Can’t Play The Audio From My Olympus DS-5000

The Olympus DS-5000 records by default in DSS Pro .ds2 format, this can be changed to standard DSS .dss format by switch to Classic Mode, heres how.

I Dictate, Do You?

Welcome to the start of what I hope will be a long and interesting voyage through the world of digital voice, be it recorded on a dictaphone or notetaker or recognised by your PC or Mac. The digital voice recorder world in Australia has long been dominated by Olympus Voice and closely shadowed by Philips … read more