The End Is Nigh For Olympus Analogue Microcassette Recorders

Olympus have today announced that end of life has been declared for the three remaining analogue microcassette recorders in their Australian product range, they are the model numbers J500, J701 and J711. This will leave Olympus with a fully digital range of voice recorders and dictaphones.

Olympus microcassette discontinued in Australia

Also joining the recorders in the dim and distant past will be the Olympus 1 pack and 3 pack 60 minute microcassettes. So even if you cling tightly to your old microcassette player thinking you will never let go and embrace digital, Olympus are turning the screw that little bit more by taking away the fuel for the old recorders engine, the tapes themselves. Sure, you can re-use your tapes … over and over and over and over … but one day you will have to admit that they are poor quality, a pain to store and even harder to find a recording.

Olympus are running out their remaining stocks which are already low and then that will be it. If you are nervous about moving to digital voice recorders don’t be, we are here to hold your hand and give you the advice you need. Just drop us a line at

2 thoughts on “The End Is Nigh For Olympus Analogue Microcassette Recorders”

  1. I am looking for a very cheap micro cassette recorder which wont be doing very much work. I require a simple record a message; replay the message, without the use of earphones.
    I live at Northmead 2152 and am aware of postage etc.
    What can you offer me? What all up price?

  2. Bob

    The cheapest of the cheap would be the VN series from Olympus, the VN-5500PC in particular. This is a good little recorder that you can use to record messages and interviews or chats and can be played back on the device or easily on your PC. They are around $99 and can be picked up from most Officeworks.

    I hope that helps.


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