How to play or convert Olympus .ds2 audio files to .dss

Download sample .dss and .ds2 audio files at the end of this blog post …

#UPDATE# As of Express Scribe version 5.30+, the Windows version can now 
play .ds2 files from Olympus and Philips - click here for more details

This is a hot topic in the transcription world currently. The new DSS Pro (.ds2) audio format now in use by default on all the Olympus digital dictaphones: DS-2400, DS-3400, DS-5000 and DS-5000iD. It is a hot topic for a couple of reasons, often a transcriber can not play the new .ds2 audio files because:

  1. Transcriptionist has an older Olympus transcription kit (AS-2300 or AS-4000)
  2. Transcriptionist uses free Express Scribe software

There are a number of ways to get around this glitch and the options depend on what you have already and what operating system you use. I will try to cover all possible solutions, if I miss one please let me know and I will update this post. What I will say right from the outset is that these solutions are work arounds for typists who choose not to stay up-to-date with the latest software. By purchasing an Olympus AS-5000 transcription kit (or just the DSS Player Pro transcription module software AS-5002 if you already own an RS-28 Olympus foot pedal) all these issues will go away. The latest DSS Player Pro transcription module is fully compatible with the DSS Pro (.ds2) audio files.

So let me try and cover all options for those who do not have the latest DSS Player Pro transcription module.

Dictation with Olympus DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD Mac or Windows User – Typist with Olympus AS-4000 transcription kit on Windows

The AS-4000 transcription kit comprised a foot pedal, headset and DSS Player Pro version 4 transcription module software. Using the DSS Player Pro version 5 software which comes with the DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD the DSS Player Pro version 4 transcription module can be updated, free of charge, to DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module. Thereby giving you a transcription kit compatible with the new .ds2 audio files. However, you must have an RS-28 transcription foot pedal, the older RS-26 transcription foot pedal will not function with DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module. The upgrade will generate a new licence key specifically for the DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module. You must write this licence key down and keep it safe. I suggest write it on a post-it note and keep it with the DSS Player Pro version 4 software CD and licence key.

Dictation with Olympus DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD Mac User – Typist with Olympus AS-2300/AS-4000 transcription kit on Mac

As you will likely already know, the functionality of the DSS Player Version 7 Plus on the Mac lacks some of the functionality of the DSS Player Pro v5 software for Windows. One key feature missing is the ability to set Classic Mode on your Pro Series recorder through the Mac software, this can only be done using the Windows dictation module. Therefore you will either need a Windows machine to install the DSS Player Pro v5 dictation module to change the default recording mode on your dictaphone or if you run Windows on your Mac using virtualisation software (VMWare Fusion, Parrallels, VirtualBox) you can set it using your Windows virtual machine.

If you do not have a Windows machine available your options are: 1. Upgrade your transcription kit to an AS-5000 or 2. Auto convert on download all dictation recorded on your DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD to .aif format which can be transcribed by older Olympus transcription kits on Mac. On your Mac select Preferences and then click the Download tab. Then tick “Convert to AIFF file during download”, see below.

Set Olympus DS-3400 DS-5000 DS-5000iD to auto convert .ds2 audio files on download

Dictation with Olympus DS-2400 – Typist with Olympus AS-2300 transcription kit on Windows

The AS-2300 transcription kit comprised a foot pedal, headset and DSS Player Standard version 4 transcription module software. Using the DSS Player Standard version 5 software which comes with the DS-2400 the DSS Player Standard version 4 transcription module can be updated, free of charge, to DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription module. Thereby giving you a transcription kit compatible with the new .ds2 audio files. However, you must have an RS-28 transcription foot pedal, the older RS-26 transcription foot pedal will not function with DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription module. The upgrade will generate a new licence key specifically for the DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription module. You must write this licence key down and keep it safe. I suggest write it on a post-it note and keep it with the DSS Player Standard version 4 software CD and licence key.

Dictation with Olympus DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-500iD on Windows – Typist with Express Scribe on Windows

For this combination we have a few options:

  • Set the recorder (DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD) to record in .dss format (known as Classic mode) by default instead of .ds2
  • Convert the audio from .ds2 to .dss before sending to the typist
  • Typist purchases the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module (AS-5001)
  • Typist purchases the DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription kit (AS-5000)

Set the recorder (DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD) to record in Classic Mode by default

Using the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module it is possible to set the DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD to record by default in the .dss audio format, this is know as “classic mode”. This is set in the dictation module software itself and the setting uploaded to the recorder. View ourvideo demonstrating how to set Classic Mode.

Convert the audio from .ds2 to .dss before sending to the typist

With the files from the recorder loaded into the DSS Player Pro dictation module it is possible to convert the file format from .ds2 to .dss by simply right-clicking on the file and selecting “Convert Dictation..” and then select the audio format you want to convert to, the choice includes .dss

Convert .ds2 files to .dss inside the DSS Player Pro dictation module on Windows

Typist purchases the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module (AS-5001)

This is the cheapest option for the transcription typist. The dictation module software is the same software that comes with the DS-3300/DS-5000/DS-5000iD, this can be installed on a Windows PC and can be used when receiving a .ds2 file simply for audio file conversion to .dss. If you are an independent or outsourced transcription business this is a cost effective solution as the AS-5001 (DSS Player Pro dictation module) is only RRP $160.00 incl. GST. By using the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module you can continue to use Express Scribe. Do not be tempted to ask to borrow the software CD that comes with the recorder, the licence is a single user licence and would have been used and registered when the person using the recorder would have installed their software.

Typist purchases the DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription kit (AS-5000)

This is for the serious transcriptionist. The AS-5000 kit comes with all you would need, Olympus RS-28 foot pedal, transcription headset and DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module. This is the perfect accompaniment to the DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD recorders and can be set to automatically receive and load transcription from these recorders. All the features available in the dictation module are passed to the transcription module like prioritisation and audio notes. The RRP for the AS-5000 kit in Australia is $525.00 incl. GST – note this kit will accept audio from ALL Olympus digital voice recorders.

Dictation with Olympus DS-2400 – Typist with Express Scribe on Windows

It is not possible to set the DS-2400 to record in “classic mode” like the Pro series dictaphones. So this leaves the transcriptionist with only a couple of options.

  • Typist purchases the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module (AS-5001)
  • Typist purchases the DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription kit (AS-2400)

Typist purchases the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module (AS-5001)

As just covered above, this is the cheapest option for the transcription typist. The dictation module software is the same software that comes with the Pro series recorders DS-3300/DS-5000/DS-5000iD and can be installed on a Windows PC for audio file conversion from .ds2 to .dss. If you are an independent or outsourced transcription business this is a cost effective solution as the AS-5001 only RRP $160.00 incl. GST. By using the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module you can continue to use Express Scribe.

Typist purchases the DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription kit (AS-2400)

The AS-2400 transcription kit consists of a RS28 USB foot control, headset and DSS Player Standard transcription module. This software is capable of playing .ds2 audio files from the DS-2400 recorder. It can also play audio from the Pro Series recorders (DS-3400, DS-5000, DS-5000iD) however some of the audio functionality is lost when playing through the Standard transcription module.

Dictation with Olympus DS-3400/DS-5000/DS-5000iD Mac User – Typist with Express Scribe on Windows

This is were we can take advantage of the generosity of Olympus. With each of the Pro Series recorders comes a single use licence for DSS Player Pro v5 dictation module for Windows and DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac. If the person doing the dictation has a Mac they will use the Mac licence. Meaning their Windows dictation module goes unused. The person dictating therefore has the option of giving this software (and therefore the unused Windows licence key) to his Windows based typist for him or her to use to convert the .ds2 audio from the person dictating to .dss format. The dictation module on Windows has the ability to convert .ds2 to .dss. On a Mac .ds2 can only be converted to .aif files, although .aif is a format that can be used by Express Scribe there is a large file size difference between a .ds2 file and a .aif file, this may cause a problem if emailing the file.

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59 Responses to Options For Playing Olympus .ds2 (DSS Pro) Audio Files If You Use Express Scribe Or Older Olympus Transcription Kits

  1. lesley says:

    Can you tell me where I can upgrade for free from Player Pro Version 4 to Player Pro Version 5 so I can convert DS2 to DSS files as I still have R26 footpedal.

  2. Dave says:

    Hello Lesley

    If you have the DSS Player Pro v4 transcription module installed on a Windows PC the free upgrade to v5 is only available using a DSS Player Pro v5 Dictation Module disk. If you work for someone who has purchased a DS-3400 or DS-5000 recorder, the dictation module software is supplied with these recorders. Otherwise you will need to purchase the DSS Player Pro v5 Transcription module seperatly, this is called an AS-5002 and costs $285.00 incl. GST in Australia. The RS26 pedal does work with this software using the latest patches from Olympus which can be found here.

    I hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  3. Kay says:

    Hi Dave:
    I do transcription. I found out on my own on on how to convert the DS2 to DSS. I am using the free Express Scribe software. The problem I have is the sound quality after coverting DS2 to DSS. I slow the speed down to about 60% or 70% to transcribe but it is hard to catch all the words, esp. dates like second or seventh. Any advice? Otherwise my foot will be stopping & rewinding a lot at closer to 100% speed.

  4. Dave says:

    Hey Kay

    Can you tell us how you convert .ds2 files? The best option for transcriptionists we have found, if you do not have the latest transcription software from Olympus is to buy the Olympus DSS Pro Dictation module which allows file conversion. This is called AS-5001 and retails for $145 incl. GST and will convert .ds2 to .dss (Windows only) for you – letting you play back in Express Scribe or older Olympus transcription kits.

    There should be no sound quality issues when converting from .ds2 to .dss, we have only done this using Olympus software but I would expect any software licensed to play .ds2 audio files to convert the audio without loss of quality, assuming they are using higher bit rates.



  5. Kay says:

    Hi Dave:
    Sorry for not being more clear. I had bought the Olympus DS3400 with the pedal kit from PC Dictate. I downloaded the software to my computer for the transcription portion and the recorder is used by the dictator. When I saw your instructions in the above blog, those were the steps I already use to convert DS2 to dss.

    As to the sound quality issue, my issue was playing it at a slower rate than at 100% speed. I’ve been trying transcribing at 100% rate and it has been fine.

    Thanks for your help. I’m a newbie at this.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi – i’m looking to buy a device that i can use in meetings around a board room table, whiteboarding sessions then have the info auto-transcribed on a mac. Sorry if this sounds simple. What would you recommend as the most cost effective option?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Dave says:

    Hey Chris

    You are going to be out of luck using a digital recording and having that transcribed automatically on a Mac. Speech recognition does exists and only a week or so ago a new product was released called MacSpeech Scribe which will take audio from a recorder and transcribe it, single speaker only. There is no software that will transcribe multiple voices for you, you either need to transcribe it yourself or send it to a specialist transcription company like The Transcription People.

    As for recording your meetings any Olympus note taker from the WS-450S up would be a great option. Also worth a look is the LiveScribe Smartpen which will not only record your meeting audio but will also record your handwritten notes and link those notes to the audio.

    I hope that helps.


  8. rod says:

    Hi Dave – i have the olympus dss 5000 dictaphone and foot pedals with the software that comes with it. it cost me a lot of money. it does not work properly. every time we try to load some dictation from the dictaphone it crashes our computer and we have to reboot to get it to work properly. i have emailed the pathetic olypus support several times and they do not respond. it is inexcusable for such a expensive product and such a leading brand software. is there ANY other software that i can use to enable my staff to type out my dictated notes (from the olympus dicataphone) using the olympus pedals or do i need to throw them away and start again with a decent product. any help is appreciated. we have been struggling with this, trying to get help from the abysmally pathetic olympus help desk for about 4 months now – regards rod

  9. Dave says:

    Hey Rod

    That does not sound good and is very unusual for Olympus software to crash a computer. I am assuming you are running Windows? ( I have a Macs, they don’t crash 😉 ) Can you let me know what operating system you are running and the exact versions of the dictation module and transcription module you are running. If you could email these to me it will help, I can then respond to you directly and let you have the Olympus voice support phone number for Australia. If you have been emailing then you will get no reply, they closed down over Christmas and were taken over by Olympus Imaging.


    Dictate Australia

  10. Tom says:

    I have received some .ds2 audio files via email. How can I convert these to a usable audio format on my Mac? It’s a little ironic and very annoying that an S in DSS stands for “standard” since no standard audio software will play it and since there are so many existing audio “standard” formats, why did Olympus have to complicate it for everyone by making their own?


  11. Dave says:

    Hey Tom

    You have a couple of options.

    1. Invest in an Olympus transcription kit (AS-2400 or AS-5000) as they are both Mac compatible and will play .ds2 files, this is the pricey option.
    2. Buy yourself the dictation module software (AS-5001) which is a bit cheaper, around AU$150 which will allow you to convert .ds2 files.
    3. Chances are the person sending you the .ds2 file is a Windows user, if that is the case their dictation module CD will have 1x windows install licence key and 1x Mac install licence key. Ask them if you can borrow their CD and use their Mac licence key, this will give you option 2 above for $0.

    I hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  12. Peter says:

    Anyone know where the patches to use RS26 with AS5000 are now,

    The link above says the Olympus Telecommunications website has been closed down

  13. Dave says:

    Hello Peter

    Yes the Olympus Voice website closed down at the beginning of 2010 when Olympus Imaging took over the distribution of voice products. All the downloads for audio can be found here now:

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  14. Bryan Hackett says:


    I just purchased the DS500 Dictaphone and Transcription Kit. It works like a charm.

    I have some recorded voice mail messages – .wav files – that I would like to have transcribed – but they won’t download to the DSS Player and I can’t convert them to DS2 or DSS files?

    Wihtout playing them and recording the voice output with the Dictaphone – how can I load them so I can use the Transcription software and foot pedal to transcribe them?

    Bryan – Toronto Canada

  15. Dave says:

    Hey Bryan

    I assume that you are using a Mac. Best way is to convert your .WAV files to .AIFF format which will play in your transcription module. I would look at Max, this is an excellent free audio converter for Mac or some of the great offerings from NCH SwiftSound.

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  16. barbie says:

    Hi Dave: I have the Olympus DSS Standard Player v.1.0

    I am trying to play ds2 files with the extension .dss on them. copied & dropped the file into folder a (there is folders A-G) and the player popped out to play the file, but the player keys are “greyed out” and will not function. what do I do? I hv a wonderful opportunity to make the money I need but I have tried everything. The Olympus guy said that the file maybe corrupt. He showed me how to go my documents the message folder & folder a & drop the file in there and it showed up. By the way, importing the file would not work. I tried 100 times probably I would do it but the file would now show up in the folder a. what is my problem: folder name goes like this 11111111111 patient DOCTOR.dss (that is 11 numbers+space+patient last name in lower case+doctors last name in ALL UPPER CASE+.dss (however, boss says this is a ds2 file). boss uses v7 she says. I tried it on v7 and same thing happened. and I tried on a trial version of v5 and the same thing happened (in that it would import but WOULD NOW SHOW UP IN FOLDER A). What do I do? PLEASE HELP ME. I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY MORE SOFTWARE. The Olympus guy said I could buy the foot pedal (RS27) for $50.00 which comes with the AS 2400 transcription kit. I already have RS23 which came with DSS Player Pro Release 1 software from 10 years ago, but he said this would not work. So, I think a friend has the RS27 foot pedal & will bring to me today. But shouldn’t it play without the foot pedal being attached. It played the welcome message without it? PLEASE HELP!!! TODAY IS 12/31/2010 – THE DAY BEFORE NEW YEAR!!! I have been working on getting this to work for a week now!!! Barbie

  17. Dave says:

    Hey Barbie

    Thanks for your New Years Eve comment. Essentially if you receive an Olympus .ds2 audio file you will need up-to-date Olympus software to play it, simply renaming the file extension from .ds2 to .dss will not work. As I have detailed in my post “Options for Playing Olympus .ds2 Audio Files …” there are a number of options available, both at the dictators side and the transcriptionist side. As a transcriptionist you should always have the latest transcription software, it is a necessary expense to enable you to provide your service.

    I suggest you take the plunge and get the latest transcription kit from Olympus or at least the DSS Player Pro v5 dictation module which will let you convert .ds2 to .WMA


    Dictate Australia

  18. Mieke says:

    Hello Dave,

    I work on MacBook Pro (Mac Os X version 10.6.6) and have Dss Player version 6 installed on it.

    I work for different clients and only 1 of them has just bought an new DS-2400 digital voice recorder. She makes .ds2 files with it, which I cannot listen to with my version of dss player.

    I would upgrade this, but I think I cannot hear the older .dss recordings anymore then.
    As I have more clients working with the older system, this is a problem for me.

    Is there a solution with which I can listen the .dss files AND the .ds2 files?

    Sorry for my not so good English, I am from Belgium.

    Thank you very much for a quick reply!



  19. Dave says:

    Hello Mieke

    Your cheapest option is to upgrade to DSS Player version 7 for Mac – this is available on the DSS Player Pro v5 Dictation Module (AS-5001) disk. This is the software provided with the DS-3400 and DS-5000 digital recorders and will allow you to convert the .ds2 files to .aiff for playback on your Mac using your existing software.

    Alternatively you can to go the AS-2400 transcription kit which will facilitate the playback of .ds2 and the older .dss files on Mac.

    Unfortunatly the DS-2400 records only in .ds2 and as it comes with DSS Player Standard you can not can the default record mode (classic mode) unlike on the DS-3400 and DS-5000.

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  20. Chantal says:

    Hello Dave,
    I am looking at buying a digital transcription kit that is compatible with my iphone Dictamus app. I think this uses WAV files.
    Someone suggested the Olympus AS 5000. Would this be compatible? I notice that there are some older versions around which are cheaper however I am not sure what the difference would be? Someone suggested the email functions may not work as well.
    My receptionist uses Windows.
    Do you have any suggestions/recommendations?

  21. Dave says:

    Hello Chantal

    Thanks for your comment. If the app records in WAV format then yes you could use either the AS-2400 or AS-5000 transcription kits. Both these kits will accept .MP3, .WAV, .DSS and .DS2 audio formats. I would recommend you go with the AS-2400 over the AS-5000 as you will not use the functionality in the AS-5000 kit.

    I have the manual for both kits in PDF if you would like me to email them to you?


    Dictate Australia

  22. Helene says:

    How can I convert existing ds2 files to dss? I am not getting my files directly from the client but through a central office at my transcription service.

    Many thanks!

  23. Dave says:

    Hello Helene

    If the .ds2 files are from Olympus you can use either their DSS Player Pro R5 Dictation Module software to convert (also known as AS-5001) or the standard version of their Sonority Software will also convert .ds2 to .dss – Sonority comes free with the higher end notetakers like the DM-450/DM-550,DM-3/DM-5 and LS-3/LS-10/LS-11.

    Philips will likely have similar software although I am not aware as we no longer sell Philips equipment.

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  24. Peter says:

    Hey there..

    I have a Olympus Foot Switch RS28.
    My wish is to be able to use this foot pedal, nothing fancy. I want to be able to push a button on the pedal and then my audiofile should play/pause.
    Can i get a program that doesnt cost anything? and where can i find drivers for my foot switch?

    help me please

  25. Dave says:

    Hello Peter

    No is the answer to your question. To use the RS-28 you will need the software driver which is only available with the DSS Player Pro v5 Transcription Module software which is not free. For a very cheap solution you could use the free version of Express Scribe from NCH Software and use keys on the keyboard to control your audio playback rather than pay for another foot pedal.

    I hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  26. Desley says:

    Hi Dave,

    Is it possible to copy DSS Player Pro files from the transcription module (I.e. files sitting in download folder A for example or the Transcription tray) – and then paste to a Dropbox folder. They would then be accessed by a home based typist who would copy the files from Dropbox and paste back in to a DSS transcription module on a laptop for transcribing.

    Help !

  27. Dave says:

    Hello Desly

    Yes for sure. The download folders are actual folders on your computer so you can simply change their location to be a Dropbox shared folder. Dropbox is an excellent platform for securely moving around dictation and transcription.

    I hope that helps !

    Dictate Australia

  28. Heidi says:

    I was originally using an RS26 foot pedal with Olympus Player Pro Release 4 Transcription Module on my old laptop Windows XP. I have now had to purchase a new laptop which uses Windows 7. I have downloaded the Olympus Player Pro Release 4 Transcription Module on to my new laptop. I couldn’t load my RS26 foot pedal as as I understand in Windows 7 doesn’t recognise this foot pedal. I have now purchased the RS28 foot pedal unfortunately I can’t get this as a recognised device either. Please can you help.

  29. Dave says:

    Hello Heidi

    Thanks for your comment. Ouch ! You will also need the DSS Player Pro R5 transcription module, so the kit would have been a better option for you. The R4 software does not have the RS28 drivers, going to Windows 7 you need to upgrade the pedal and the software.

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  30. Julie says:

    Hi Dave,
    I had the free Express Scribe, and I purchased the upgrade (Pro) because I thought I would be able to play the DS2 files, but it is still not working. I have an RS-27 foot pedal. My doc is going to be using a Philips LFH 9600. Will Express Scribe work if I purchase the AS-5001 or will I have to purchase something specifically designed for the Philips recorder? Thanks!

  31. Dave says:

    Hello Julie

    Thanks for your comment. My understanding is that Express Scribe Pro will play .ds2 from all manufacturers – as DSS Pro is a standard the audio should be the same from any recorder. However saying that I do remember some differences between older .dss files recorded on Philips and Olympus recorders. I would check that you have the latest version of Express Scribe Pro (I have seen a couple of updates lately) and if you are are still having issues get onto NCH for comment. AS-5001 is the Olympus Pro Dictation module software, this is the software shipped with the Olympus DS-5000, DS-5000iD and DS-3400 digital dictaphones – the software will not work with Express Scribe – you would be better off looking at the AS-5002 software which is the transcription module and use that instead of Express Scribe. However as you are receiving audio from a Philips recorder you might be better off grabbing the Philips transcription software just to be totally safe.

    Essentially Express Scribe Pro should be working with your .ds2 files so check for any updates first then grab NCH if still no good.


    Dictate Australia

  32. Michele says:

    We have two DS-2300 and loved them. We record interviews, select download and it downloads the files in DSS and WAV format. Fantastic as we use WAV to burn to CD for the other party and keep the DSS format for our files.

    We needed another two records and ended up buying the DS-3400 as we were told the DS-2300 was not longer available and the DS-3400 was the similar model.

    Now all the files download as DS2 … despite “Classic” format being selected … and we can’t seem to convert files to WAV. Also we keep getting XML files download with every file we download.

    I have to have two versions of the software on my computer – one for the DS2300 and another for the DS3400.

    1 – How can I change the download from DS2 to DSS
    2 – How can I set it so the download all so it actually downloads DSS and WAV … at the same time.

  33. Dave says:

    Hello Michele

    Thanks for your comment. The DS-2300 was replaced by the DS-2400, you were probably advised to go with the DS-3400 as it is not possible to go classic mode with the DS-2400 software – as you are used to the older style formats classic mode makes sense for you.

    “Now all the files download as DS2 … despite “Classic” format being selected” this sounds like you have set classic mode BUT have not broadcast this to the recorder, this is an essential step. Here is a link to my YouTube video showing how to set classic mode on an Olympus DS-5000 dictaphone. It is exactly the same for the DS-3400, note the broadcast step – the recorder needs to be connected and on during this step.

    That should fix your problem and you will then get .dss audio files and no more .xml files. Once you have your .dss files you can convert as usual. Even with .ds2 files your software that came with your DS-3400 can convert them to .WAV for you.

    Let me know how you go.


    Dictate Australia

  34. Janis says:

    I have a macbook pro, just purchased it. loaded the AS 5000 on it, plugged in foot pedal and i can ff and rew but cannot play, either with the foot pedal or going directly to the loaded program and attempting to play. what am i doing wrong. i cannot work till i figure this out. the program is installed on my desktop mac and it works fine with and without the foot pedal.

  35. Dave says:

    Hello Janis

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

    That sounds like an odd one. I would check the Olympus website first and make sure you have the latest patches for your DSS Player v7 Plus software (there are some new patches for Lion compatiblility) and also re-seat the foot pedal (pull it out and re-plug). If you are still having problems email me direct and I can give you the Olympus AU support number and they can go through some options with you.

    Olympus Audio Software Patches and Updates


    Dictate Australia

  36. Margaret Houle says:

    Receiving audio file .WMA via email as attachment. Would like to know how to put into my folders for transcribing. DSS Player 2400 and Olympus 802 recorder(used in another office). would like specific steps how to do this. Thx.

  37. Dave says:

    Hey Margaret

    Just drag and drop the audio file from your email (or a saved location) into the transcription module. That’s it!


    Dictate Australia

  38. Kim King says:

    I have the Olympus DSS Player Standard 1.0.3. One of my doctors just got a Philips 9600. The files I am receiving say DPM.DSS. I can transcribe the files but my index marks do not work, among a few other things. Do I need an upgrade?

  39. Dave says:

    Hello Kim

    Yes you would need to upgrade to DSS Player Pro v5 or ODMS v6 (transcription modules) to be able to pick up the index marks. However, I am not 100% on the compatibility of Philips DSS audio files with the Olympus software. Although DSS is a standard it is a standard that not all members strictly adhered to. If you are only receiving files from Philips dictaphones maybe better off with the Philips kit.

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  40. Samantha says:

    I have some files in .Ds2 format. Before I send them for transcription, I would like to listen to the intro, as only a select few will be transcribed. In essence I do not want to have any transcription software. I just want to check the recordings by having a quick listen. I can do it from the recorder itself, but my previous PC I had a DS2 player (windows). I am searching online for the equivalent for Mac, but unable to locate one- Anywhere I can download a Ds2 player for mac that actually works. The one I tried now is a .sit extension, which is not recognized by my Mac anyway. Would appreciate the help:)

  41. Dave says:

    Hey Samantha

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. First of all what recorder do you have? All Olympus dictaphones that record in .ds2 audio format come with both Windows and Mac software for audio file playback. The software for Mac and Windows is on the same disk and you will have a licence key for each.

    The software on Mac is called DSS Player Plus v7 and is currently at version 7.3.2 – If you have misplaced your disk I can certainly get you a downloadable .dmg disk image file for you to install on your Mac – you will need your licence key though to activate the software.

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  42. Laila says:

    Hi Dave,

    I purchased and downloaded the NCH Express Scribe Pro version in hopes that the playback would be good quality, but it has lots of background noise. I am using an Olympus D-40 recorder and when I play it back with the included Version 7 DSS software it plays clear. My problem is there aren’t any hot keys with the Olympus and I don’t own a foot pedal. Should I just purchase an Olympus RS-27 foot pedal, knowing it won’t work with Express Scribe, in case I need to use it in the future with two channel recordings?

  43. Dave says:

    Hello Laila

    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

    I am not familiar with the model D-40 but with all Olympus dictaphones you will get the dictation module software, as you have noted this only allows playback and is designed for the person recording to hear their audio and select which files to send for transcription. The low cut filter option on the recorder can be processed by the Olympus software and help improve the audio quality of the recording. This would explain why you hear an audio quality difference between Scribe and DSS Player, Scribe will not process the low cut filter.

    None of the Olympus foot pedals will work with Scribe, nor will they work with the dictation module software (supplied with the recorder). They will only work with the Olympus transcription module software. Also you will need either the RS-28 pedal or the latest pedal the RS-31.

    So you will have to struggle on with Scribe or bite the bullet and buy the Olympus transcription kit, either AS-2400 or AS-7000. If you are planning on installing on a Mac then go with the AS-2400.

    I hope that helps. If not and you have more questions please post them or email me direct.


    Dictate Australia

  44. Cara says:


    I’ve never been tech/computer savvy. I’ve stuck and been stuck with the basic. I’m a transcriber and I’ve been using Express Scribe for Windows. However, the office I work for is upgrading to Olympus AS-7000 with DS2 files. I was wondering how I could go around this? I’ve read part of the forum above, but I’m still lost (given my lack of savvy!). I am also planning to buy a Mac- I’ve always been a Mac user but had to switch to a PC because I couldn’t get the Mac, or find a Mac program/software that would,to read DSS files. I read above that there is a way, besides installing Parallels on the Mac to be able to run windows. I’m hoping for a simpler way to transcribing DS2 files on a Macbook. Period. LOL. Help please? Thanks!

  45. Dave says:

    Hey Cara

    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. If you plan to use a Mac and transcribe .ds2 or .dss files then you need to get the Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 software. This software comes in both the Olympus AS-7000 and AS-2400 transcription kits, so pick the kit you want based on the foot pedal. The AS-7000 has the RS-31 (4 pedals) and the AS-2400 has the RS-28 (three pedals). That is the only difference between the two kits for Mac users.

    DSS Player Plus is similar to Scribe so you will get quite familiar with it quick quickly.

    I hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

  46. Courtney Xepoleas says:

    We have purchased 3 DS5000 systems and are working well but now all the outlook .wav msg files play through the recorder instead of the speakers. How can we fix to play back through the speakers prior to installing the software.

  47. Dave says:

    Hello Courtney

    Open your dictation module software look under Tools, there will be a “Select Speaker” option. You then have the choice of directing audio through your PC speakers or through the dictaphone.

    Hope that helps.


  48. LA Typist says:

    I have the reverse problem and need help. I receive my transcription files in .DSS mode, but I have the new Speech Exec for Mach 1.0.4 and it only reads .DS2. How can I convert the .DSS files to .DS2 without asking the dictator?
    Thanks, LA Typist

  49. Dave says:


    Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I can’t offer any advice on this one, Speech Exec is a Philips product and we only sell and support the Olympus Audio. Sounds like an odd one though, Olympus are backwards compatible so supported older formats, i’m surprised Philips don’t offer that option. Does Speech Exec take other formats like mp3, wma or wav? If you you could use a converter to go from .dss to one of those perhaps.


    Dictate Australia

  50. Deb M says:

    I have always used Ex Scribe free version no problems. Got a new client who sent DS2 file; so I installed EX Scribe Pro 14 day free trial. Dictation keeps cutting off at the same point. Tried various file converters that I found on the web – nothing fixed. Found Olympus’ free “lite” that allowed me to play audio and hear that dictation was fine (lite has no foot pedal or other controls). After 8-10 hours trying to transcribe the customer’s work, I had to tell them I could not complete it due to the DS2 format – my equipment simply would not work with it. However, I uninstalled the Ex Scribe Pro version and now have lost all use of my foot pedal. Ex Scribe says I have to buy their defective “Pro” version for $40, but seen a lot of web postings that the Pro version is buggy, cuts of sound of DS2 files. Know of anything I can do to get back to where I began (using Ex Scribe Free with foot pedal)? I do not make a lot of money at this and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars. The business is simply not plentiful enough here.

  51. Dave says:

    Hello Deb

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes I have heard of issues using Express Scribe with DS2 files, especially in early releases. I would have thought these should be ironed out by now but maybe not from your experience.

    I have advised many people over the years that if you take on transcription as a profession or a service offered you must expect to pay some money for the software you need. In this case your best option is to purchase the Olympus AS-7000 transcription kit. Yes, more expensive than scribe, but it will work. Probably not what you want to hear.



  52. Deb says:

    Thanks for your suggestion, Dave. Actually, after considerable research on the internet, it appears to me that the Olympus AS-2400 may be a practicable, affordable solution for my needs (let’s hope, anyway). I have spoken directly to Olympus several times in the last couple of days. They assure me that the 2400 will transcribe DS2 file formats so I have ordered the kit. The software, DSS Player Standard will work for DS2/DSS Pro I am told, and updates are free according to Desmond at Olympus. It was considerably less expensive on Amazon than anywhere else so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will remedy my issues. It should be here within a week to 10 days so I will find out soon enough.

  53. Dave says:

    Hey Deb

    Yes the AS-2400 is a good choice, AS-7000 is the best option but there is quite a price difference between the two. Essentially the standard software with the AS-2400 can play back .dss and .ds2 audio files perfectly. You will also notice any audio recorded on


    Olympus recorder with background noise filtering (low-cut filter) on will also sound much clearer, this doesn’t apply to Express Scribe as it can not process Olympus’ audio filters so another benefit of the Olympus software.

    Keep your software licence key safe. You will need it if you buy a new computer in the future and need to re-install the transcription software.


  54. Deb says:

    I appreciate the reminder about the software license key. Now that I have ordered AS2400, would you happen to know of a good “converter program” to convert any *.dct files that I may be sent, so that I can transcribe them with the AS-2400? I had previously used an older version of Express Scribe just fine but now that NCH took away the foot pedal controller on the free version, I need a way to transcribe those file types and hate to pay for defective Express Scribe Pro.

  55. Dave says:

    Hey Deb

    I would try the free version of Wavepad from NCH, as you already have the Sony plugin installed to play your .dct files Wavepad should be able to play and also save the .dct to an mp3 for you to play back in your Olympus kit. Or you can hunt down an old version of Scribe (I think from memory 5.3 or earlier) that will play and also convert .dct files.

    Please let me know how you go. If no good I will look into it further for you.



  56. Faisal says:

    Hi: NCH claims to play .ds2 but in actuality it wont. Their file converter although they claim converts .ds2 files, but it wont. Their support team wont help you out. I recommend not to purchase any software if you have .ds2 files. Just by Bytescribe player, it supports .ds2 and you can play files using pedal as well.


  57. Dave says:

    Hello Faisal

    Thanks for your comment. Yes we have heard of and written about the issues with Express Scribe and .ds2 audio files.

    As a reminder the ds2 audio format is a proprietary format. This means it is owned by someone and as such you need the owners software to play it. The people who own ds2 (Digital Speech Standard) are Olympus, Philips and Grundig. All three are leaders in the digital dictation and transcription world.

    Save yourself time and trouble and just buy the right software for your needs. If you are a transcription typist don’t scrimp on something you will use every working day. Transcription software for a transcriptionist is as essential as the Windows operating system and Microsoft Word. You rarely hear typist complain about the cost of Windows (or Windows upgrades) or the cost of Microsoft Office, either an Office Suite or Microsoft 365. You don’t see typist use and open source operating system link Ubuntu or switch to Open Office. The same should apply to your transcription software.

    From Olympus to transcribe ds2 audio you will need the Olympus AS-7000 Professional Digital Transcription kit which some with the software you need, USB for pedal and transcription headset.



  58. Nikhil Gaur says:

    I tried downloading both the samples given at the end of the post but I was redirected to iCloud home page. No download option was available there for these files.

  59. Dave says:

    Thanks Nikhil

    Yes this was a post for long ago when we could share files via iCloud. If you email us we can send you a couple of sample files and we will work to update this post in the near future.



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