I Will Have Whatever Olympus Voice & Philips Dictation Are Drinking

Philips Dictation Australia Revamps Their DVT Digital Voice Tracer Range of Digital Voice Recorders

So, this year has been a big one for Olympus voice with a revamp of all their digital recorder range. Not content with being left behind Philips had a go back in April when they rolled out, finally, Mac compatible note takers with the DVT (Digital Voice Tracer) range comprising of the 660/860/880 models. This week Philips have done a rejig in this range and discontinued the young 660/860/880 recorders and replaced them with new model numbers although essentially they are the previous recorders upgraded. Philips have also added some innovative voice recorder packages, like a set aimed at reporters and a set aimed at writers who might want to attempt their own transcription.

So what has been discontinued and what are their replacement models:

  • Philips DVT LFH0660 discontinued, replaced by DVT LFH0662 (2GB – RRP AU$189)
  • Philips DVT LFH0860 discontinued, replaced by DVT LFH0862 (4GB – RRP AU$249)
  • Philips DVT LFH0880 discontinued, replaced by DVT LFH0882 (4GB – RRP AU$279)
  • Philips DVR DragonNaturallySpeaking Voice Recorder Edition LFH-660/10 discontinued, replaced by LFH0667 (RRP AU$259)

A common change across the range is an increase in memory, that makes sense with solid state memory continuing to grow in size and drop in price. Also added to all recorders are a visual record level indicator and the USB connection, as well as powering the unit, will now also charge a rechargeable battery.

Other notable changes include uncompressed PCM recording now available on the LFH0662. High Sensitivity mic added to the LFH0862 and LFH0882 with the new “Zoom” function.

As mentioned another innovative thing Philips have done is create some Digital Voice Tracer combination packs, new packs are:

  • LFH0868 (RRP AU$279) – 862 Digital Voice Tracer with docking station.
  • LFH0888 (RRP AU$339) – 882 Digital Voice Tracer with docking station.
  • LFH0867 (RRP AU$369) – Writers Set. 862 Digital Voice Tracer with the media player USB hand control (LFH2370/00)  which allows audio control with yours thumbs.
  • LFH0885 (RRP AU$369) – Reporters Set. 882 Digital Voice Tracer with stereo lapel mic.
  • LFH0895 (RRP AU$749) – Compact Meeting Recorder. I like this one, 882 Digital Voice Tracer with two of the best looking and good quality boundary mics available.

Expect to see these new models appearing around Australia from October.

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