A Little Gem From Philips Dictation Australia – 2370 Media Player Typing Set

In a recent press release from Philips Dictation Australia yet another innovative product has been added to their product line. This one though is a little different to the norm, this really is something different and something that I am sure will be very popular is the LFH2370 Philips Media Player Typing Set. The innovation … read more

I Will Have Whatever Olympus Voice & Philips Dictation Are Drinking

So, this year has been a big one for Olympus voice with a revamp of all their digital recorder range. Not content with being left behind Philips had a go back in April when they rolled out, finally, Mac compatible note takers with the DVT (Digital Voice Tracer) range comprising of the 660/860/880 models. This … read more

Philips Australia Digital Voice Tracer Price Hike Coming 1st June

Philips Dictation Australia recently advised that their hugely popular and successful revamped Digital Voice Tracer (DVT) range of digital notetakers will be subject to a price increase starting 1st June, 2009. 

The price rise has been attributed to a slide in the Aussie dollar against the Euro, Philips Dictation’s head office is in Vienna, Austria.

Philips Digital Voice Tracers
Philips Digital Voice Tracer Range

So what are the new Australian dollar RRP’s including GST for the DVTs:

read morePhilips Australia Digital Voice Tracer Price Hike Coming 1st June

Philips DVT – Out With The Old In With The New

Look out digital voice recorder world, Philips are making a  big bold statement with their new line up of digital note takers known in the Philips world as the Digital Voice Tracer (DVT). Some things we instantly like about this new range: No more software to install, plug and play USB only which is the … read more