Philips Australia Digital Voice Tracer Price Hike Coming 1st June

Philips Dictation Australia recently advised that their hugely popular and successful revamped Digital Voice Tracer (DVT) range of digital notetakers will be subject to a price increase starting 1st June, 2009. 

The price rise has been attributed to a slide in the Aussie dollar against the Euro, Philips Dictation’s head office is in Vienna, Austria.

Philips Digital Voice Tracers
Philips Digital Voice Tracer Range

So what are the new Australian dollar RRP’s including GST for the DVTs:

Philips DVT 600 (LFH0600/00) – $110 was $88 up 25%

Philips DVT 620 (LFH0620/00) – $149 was $119 up 25.2%

Philips DVT 660 (LFH0660/00) – $189 was $149 up 26.8%

Philips DVT 660 (**LFH0660/10) – $259 was $209 up 23.9%

Philips DVT 860 (LFH0860/00) – $239 was $189 up 26.4%

Philips DVT 880 (LFH0880/00) – $279 was $220 up 26.8%

Back in February 2009 Olympus Australia increased all their pricing across the board which had quite an impact. For February and March our Olympus sales took a slide. It didn’t help that Philips were ramping up with their new DVT models which have been selling very well this year, thanks really to their keen pricing, great features and (I may have mentioned this before several times) Mac compatibility. I wait to see how the price changes effect the Philips DVT sales.

** The DVT 660 (LFH0660/10) is the Philips DVT 660 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10 Voice Recorder Edition bundle.

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