A Little Gem From Philips Dictation Australia – 2370 Media Player Typing Set

Philips LFH2370 Media Player Typing Set for Windows Media Player, QuickTime and iTunes - Mac or Windows

In a recent press release from Philips Dictation Australia yet another innovative product has been added to their product line. This one though is a little different to the norm, this really is something different and something that I am sure will be very popular is the LFH2370 Philips Media Player Typing Set.

The innovation with this product is the clever thumb controller that sits under your keyboard which allows the control of audio playback through Windows Media Player 11, iTunes and WinAmp on Windows machines and iTunes and QuickTime on a Mac. Previously people typing notes from audio played back through media player type software had to constantly switch from their word processor to stop/start/rewind audio adding a huge amount of time to the transcription process. With this little device it will make typing notes from audio a much easier, less time consuming experience.

Philips LFH 2370 compatible with iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, WinAmp on Windows and Mac

Using the two buttons on the USB thumb control the audio can be controlled in the following ways:

  • Playback : To start continuous playback, press and release the right key. The status LED glows green during playback.
  • Pause : Press the right key again to pause audio playback.
  • Fast Forward : Press and hold the right key during playback. When “forwarding” reaches the desired position release the key.
  • Fast Rewind : Press and hold the left key while playback is paused. When rewinding reaches the desired position release the key.
  • Backspace : Double click the left key to backspace the audio by three seconds.

The media player typing set LFH2370 comes with the USB thumb control, stereo headset and Philips Media Player control software and is RRP $200.00 incl. GST.

The media payer typing set is also available as part of the Philips Writers Set, known as LFH087 which comprises the media player typing set and Philips Digital Voice Tracer 682 digital voice recorder.

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