Compare The Olympus Voice Microphones

Olympus ME-51S, ME-52W, ME-12, TP-7 & ME-15


##UPDATE## The TP-7 has been discontinued and replaced by the TP-8 ..

Most people while browsing for a new digital voice recorder or dictaphone will notice that Olympus have a number of microphones available as an optional extra. Many assume incorrectly that you need to buy a microphone when you purchase a voice recorder. The microphones built into the Olympus digital notetaker and dictaphone range are superb. So why have a range of mics? Well the optional mics serve specific purposes, e.g. to record telephone conversations or to reduce excessive background noise.

In this post we will look at each Olympus microphone and identify what they would be typically used for. All Olympus digital voice recorders are compatible with all the Olympus mics.

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