Dictate New Zealand Opens Its Online Doors

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Dictate Australia has just launched an online presence in New Zealand for Olympus digital dictation and transcription equipment and software with their new store Dictate New Zealanddictates.nz

Dictate New Zealand NZ

The new store comes after both an increase in online traffic and LiveChat sessions with people based in New Zealand looking for the latest Olympus digital dictaphones, transcription kits and access to the very popular Olympus ODDS subscription for the Dictation App. With Dictate New Zealand now up and running residents of both the North and South Island have dedicated access to the best free advice on digital dictation and transcription via dictates.nz

Shipping for physical products, Olympus DS-9500 digital dictaphone and Olympus AS-9000 transcription kit, will be via Australia Post Internation Express Post which only takes between 2 to 4 business days from Sydney.

For Olympus ODMS R7 software, these licences will be available, like they are in Australia, via email and can be delivered immediately and as always the latest ODMS R7 software for Windows can be downloaded from dictat.es/r7

Probably the most popular questions from our New Zealand LiveChat visitors has been about access to the popular Olympus ODDS Dictation App licence free trial. Just like in Australia we are also offering the same 60-day free trial of the Olympus ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) licences for the Olympus Dictation iOS and Android App in New Zealand. We will also fully configure and all your ODDS licences for you making onboarding your legal and medical dictation authors a breeze with our step-by-step easy to follow instructions and online setup video.

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