Olympus Dictation with Dragon Speech Recognition – A Lawyers Use Case

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Olympus with their Windows Dictation and Transcription software have always had a close synergy with voice recognition technology, specifically Nuance’s Dragon for Windows. The Olympus ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) software that comes with both the professional digital dictaphones (DS-9000 and DS-9500) and in the pro transcription typing kit (AS-9000) both have integration with Dragon built in to parse and process audio to text.

Dragon has been around for years, we always speak to customers who have tried Dragon at some point in their dictation life. With the latest version and the computing power on our desks to cope with intensive speech-to-text processing the automation converting digital dictation to text, saving transcription time and money, is something many are using and to their advantage.

In the video below, lawyer Richard Graham from Vogt Graham Lawyers in Perth, WA talks about his experience using the Olympus Dictation equipment (supplied by Dictate Australia) with Dragon Legal to quickly and accurately create word documents from his spoken voice.

Richard mentions in the video that by using speech recognition software processing time i.e. transcription time can be reduced by three to four times. We agree, in our testing over the years with both Dragon and AWS Transcribe from Amazon turnaround times are greatly improved and transcription costs reduced.


Lawyer using digital dictation dictaphone Olympus DS9500

In the video, Richard can be seen using an Olympus DS-9500 which is a handheld portable digital dictaphone that can be used anywhere to dictate. It can be docked to a cradle which serves two purposes to recharge the battery and initiate the transfer of audio from the recorder to the Olympus ODMS software on his PC. The Olympus ODMS software’s automation can then pass the audio to Dragon for processing or send to a transcription typist to be transcribed. This model also has wifi connectivity so that audio can be emailed when the device is connected to a wifi hotspot.


Lawyer Dragon microphone Olympus recmic dictation speech recognitionRichard also uses an Olympus RecMic II handheld microphone. This is a corded mic that connects to your PC via USB and provides very high-quality audio direct to Dragon. This kind of microphone can also be used to record digital dictation files via the Olympus ODMS Dictation Module software. Those digital dictation files can be sent to a typist to transcribe or passed to Dragon Legal to process. The mic is mainly used to dictate live in real-time to Dragon, as you speak your words are converted to text in a document. Using voice commands you can add punctuation and even correct words.


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