Olympus Release Minor Bug Fix Patch – ODMS R7.2 Patch 0005

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Olympus have released patch 0005 for their ODMS R7.2 Windows software. The patch addresses two issues:

  • Fixed the issue where the PC may fail to recognize DVRs when connecting the device
  • Fixed the issue where audio files could not be exported from the ODMS File> Export menu

Always download the patch zip file (R720Patch0005.zip) from an official Olympus website : dictat.es/patches

The patch executable file (R720Patch0005.exe) is contained in a zip file that you download, just unzip the file and the patch executable will be available for you to run. We suggest that you run the R720Patch0005.exe as an Administrator (right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator).

ODMS R7 Dictation or Transcription Module should not be running when you apply the patch so exit out of your application first.



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