Olympus Dictation iPhone App Update v1.1.0

Olympus Dictation for iPhone ver 1.1.0Olympus have kicked off the New Year with a 1st January 2014 update to their relatively new smartphone app simply called Olympus Dictation.

The update simply states iOS7 compatibility, I have been running the app on my iOS7 iPhone 5 since launch without issue. This update I believe is more specific for iPhone 5S and 5C users, my understanding was that the app in its first release was not compatible with these newer iPhone models, maybe something to do with the chip or 64-bit i’m not 100% on this one. Anyway, latest iPhone users your time has come and the app can now be used with your smartphones.

Remember the app on its own is just a basic voice recorder app, which records in an audio format not compatible with the Olympus transcription kits on Windows or Mac (unless you do some audio format conversion). So to get the most out of the app you will need an ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery System) yearly subscription. This will let you record in the .ds2 audio format on the iPhone and send your audio securely via the Olympus Dictation cloud servers to your transcription typist or typing pool.

Olympus Dictation iOS App v1.1 iOS7 iPhone

Also if you own an Olympus DS-7000 Air (or a standard DS-7000 with a Toshiba FlashAir card) you can connect your hand held Olympus digital dictaphone to your smartphone and transfer the dictation you have recorded via your smartphone to your transcription typist.

If you want to know more please get in touch with us. We can set you and your business up with a free three month trial of the ODDS subscription service so that you can see the full potential of the Olympus Dictation app.

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