[Mac] Olympus DSS Player Plus Updated to v7.5.0 – Mavericks OS X 10.9 Compatible

Olympus have rolled out another free update to their Mac dictation and transcription software DSS Player Plus v7 which addresses only a couple of things: 1. OS X 10.9 compatibility 2. DS-5500 support (not yet available in Australia) and the ability to set the location of each folder. Here is the official release notes:

Olympus DSS Player Plus Mac Dictation Transcription OS X 10.9 Mavericks

You can get the update via the usual Check For Updates or download the .dmg from here : dictat.es/dss-mac-75

6 thoughts on “[Mac] Olympus DSS Player Plus Updated to v7.5.0 – Mavericks OS X 10.9 Compatible”

  1. I just updated my Mac to verison 10.10.2 OS X Yosemite. I have a DSS Player Plus Version 7 installed. Is there an update for my DSS Plus Version 7?

  2. Hello Beth

    That current version of DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac is v7.5 and is compatible with Yosemite.

    Hope that helps.


  3. I just downloaded DSSPlayerV750Update.dmg, (Maverick) and get a “set up” disc image. I then get the DSS Player 7 must be installed. I have an Olympus RS-27 foot pedal that EScribe requires “drivers” for to recognize and configure. Where can I find the DSS Player 7 original compatible with Maverick?

  4. Hello Sylvia

    Yes you have installed the upgrade but sounds like you need the full version. Both the update and/or full version can be downloaded from this link.

    To install DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac though you will need a licence key.

    Hope that helps.


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