Philips Dictation Australia Announces Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Voice Recorder Edition

Philips Dictation Australia continue there surge forward in 2009, hot on the heals of their awesome new DVT (Digital Voice Tracer) range of digital notetakers (did I mention that they are now finally Mac compatible, only several times) they have just announced out of their Worldwide headquarters in Vienna – Dragon NatutrallySpeaking 10 – Voice Recorder Edition. I know, makes you want to say “wow” loudly.

Philips Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 DVR Edition - LFH0660/10
Philips Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 DVR Edition - LFH0660/10

It is fantastic to see some more innovation from Philips, taking the initiative to work globally with Nuance, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking people to provide an affordable package for people looking to get into the voice recognition. We have seen huge growth in the voice recognition software, both Mac and Windows over the past year as professionals, students, authors etc give up on the need to type for hours. Most people talk around the 120 words per minute mark, way faster than most can type so why not let your computer do it for you.

The first thing that hit me about this package is its amazingly low price, RRP of $209 incl. GST. Hang on, I thought, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Edition which is the first of the Dragon product line which takes audio from a digital voice recorder is waaaaay more expensive than that (currently RRP $349 incl GST) without a digital voice recorder so how do they do it for the price?  The catch, it is a considerably cut down version of NaturallySpeaking, especially when compared to the Preferred version.

Here is the product comparison matrix, apologies for the quality it came from the dealer handout I will create a nicer easier to read version shortly:

Compare the Dragon NaturallySpeaking features between versions

That said, it is enough to get you into the product and lets you sniff around at what this incredible software can do. If you regularly dictate single speaker reports or documents or even painstakingly type them yourself this bundle might be worth a punt. For the price you are not really going to lose, even if you don’t get on with the software you still end up with a pretty descent digital notetaker in the Philips digital voice tracer 660.

From what I can see in the specs you will not be able to dictate real time into Dragon NaturallySpeaking using a microphone, you will only be able to do deferred transcription using the audio recorded on the DVT 660.

We can expect to see these appearing in Australia from the end April, so now. Dictate Australia will be stocking the bundle from the second week in May.

Update – May 2009 – Philips Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Recorder Edition Available NOW from Dictate Australia – click here.

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  1. Have purchased a version 10 model, but unable to get it working, where can I download a freindly user manual please.

    Have recorde transcript as ask, hooked up to desk top PC after registering and downloading the disc. Cannot get the recorder or PC to accept, keeps asking for a file name before it will commence transcribing? where do I find this file it refers too?

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