Dragon NaturallySpeaking Service Pack 1 – SP1 – Available For Download

Users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10 Standard, Preferred, Professional and Legal editions should upgrade their software to the new Service Pack 1 recently announced by Nuance. The SP1 includes the usual bug fixes along with a whole host of new features and improvements.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Service Pack 1
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Service Pack 1

Download the service pack here.

Here is the detail from their SP1 release notes:

Issues resolved in Service Pack 1:

New Features:

* New options are now available for enabling/disabling the following quick formatting commands:
o Delete/Cut [XYZ]
o Copy [XYZ]
* New formatting option “Caps Lock key overrides No Caps/All Caps/Cap commands”. When this option is enabled, text case will be formatted based on the keyboard Caps Lock key.
* When starting Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 in Tray Icon Only mode, a balloon pop-up will appear above the microphone alerting the user that the DragonBar is hidden.
* When prompted for the Windows Username and Password to schedule Accuracy Tuning or Data Collection, it is now possible to turn off Accuracy Tuning or Data Collection by selecting “Do not display again” on the “Windows Username and Password” dialog.
* If the microphone was on or asleep when starting audio file transcription, the microphone will be in sleep mode when transcription finishes.

Accuracy Tuning and Scheduler:

* Scheduled tasks for Accuracy Tuning or Data Collection cannot be run when Dragon is running. The Accuracy Center no longer states the task completed successfully if it could not be started.
* The message “You need to increase the size of the acoustic archives” is no longer displayed when saving a user profile that does not have a full acoustic archive.
* When upgrading user profiles from a previous version that contain large amounts of training data, some training data may not be used, resulting in decreased accuracy in version 10. Upgrading the user profile after installing Service Pack 1 will use all training data available.
* Improved correction handling so actual corrections will not be discarded. The result is faster improvements to dictation accuracy when making corrections.
* Automatic adaptation of user profiles created without training will no longer appear when transcribing a sound file.

Application Support:

* Improved interaction with HTML based windows when running as a Windows Restricted User. This includes Internet Explorer as well editing/creating HTML messages in Microsoft Outlook.
* The “Page Down” command now functions properly in Microsoft Outlook 2007.


* When using Mozilla Firefox with the “Require click to select HTML hyperlinks” option turned on, it is now possible to say the “(number)” as well as the original “Choose (number)” command to select a specific link.
* It is now possible to create commands that use abbreviations and expanded form without causing recognition as text (i.e. Mr. or Mister, Dr. or Doctor).
* “Clear delimiting characters” command properly removes fields entered into a table in Microsoft Word.
* In the Spanish version, the commands “ditar selección” and “ditar todos” have been fixed. They are now “editar selección” and “editar todos”.
* In the German version, using the command “verbinde das” to compound two words will no longer remove the capitalization.


* Improved correction suggestions based on the context of the word or phrase being selected.
* Correction menu and spell dialog now include non-formatted suggestions.
* Extra spacing is no longer left after cutting or deleting a word or phrase.
* Corrections will no longer be marked with a green asterisk in the vocabulary editor.


* When dictating large amounts of text into an application a message will appear stating that “Dragon has reached the maximum amount of speech data that can be saved.” This message will no longer appear multiple times per application session.
* When dictating in Spell Mode, spaces are no longer entered.
* Dictating any punctuation in the middle of a line of text will no longer delete existing text before or after the insertion point.

Automatic Text Formatting:

* When dictating a custom phrase at the beginning of a paragraph, the entire phrase will no longer be capitalized.
* Improved number formatting.
* Word Properties will now preserve the number of spaces specified in the written form or alternate written form.
* Dictating a comma into existing text will no longer insert a space.
* Improved formatting of the word degree(s).
* Improved formatting of “Mister” and “Doctor”, including the appropriate abbreviations.
* Improved formatting of dates when “dates as spoken” option is selected.
* When dictating times in the Spanish version, “las/la” will no longer be removed during formatting.
* When dictating a number after a comma in the German or Dutch versions, the comma will no longer be shifted to the right, connecting to the number.
* Improved handling of Dutch Zip Codes in the Dutch version.
* Using a colon in the Dutch version no longer inserts a space before or capitalizes the word after.


* It is now possible to change word properties for words with special properties.
* The product’s serial number is now displayed in the Help > About Dragon…
* A warning message will now be displayed indicating that dictation in EMR applications is not supported in non-Medical editions.
* Improved handling of Results box tracking and anchoring.
* Improved handling of speech data when changing dictated words using the keyboard.
* It is now possible to upgrade version 9 user profile with an Austrian Legal Vocabulary to version 10.

Data Distribution Tool (nsadmin):

* Customized word properties are no longer lost when distributing vocabularies using the Data Distribution tool.
* Distributing commands that use list variables to systems that already have the same command, will now overwrite the existing command. A duplicate command will not be created.
* It is not possible to distribute a version 10.0 vocabulary using the Data Distribution Tool after installing Service Pack 1. An error that the vocabulary is corrupted will be displayed. The vocabulary must be exported from a Service Pack 1 installation before distributing.

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