Compare The Olympus DM-3 vs DM-5 Digital Voice Recorders

Olympus DM3 vs DM5 compare review features

The DM series recorders in Australia are now manned by the Olympus DM-3 and the Olympus DM-5 digital voice recorders since the launch of the DM3 in early July 2011. To look at them you would be hard pressed to tell the difference other than the Olympus DM3 is silver and the Olympus DM5 is black.

So what is the difference between the two? Here is a summary:

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Olympus DM-5 Short Overview Review

A couple of months ago the new DM series digital voice recorder from Olympus landed in Australia, the Olympus DM-5.  This is the is the first big colour screen recorder from Olympus so I was keen to see how it looks and performs.

The DM-5 is your average size digital voice recorder, it is about the size of a Mars bar just half as thin. The casing is mainly aluminium with the battery cover and front screen as the only exception, they are both plastic. The sides and bottom of the unit are made of a single silver aluminium band, most of the back plate is matt black aluminium and on top  is the professional looking silver aluminium mesh that covers the high sensitivity mics.

With the lithium-ion battery in and charged I slid the typical DM series slider switch to boot up the DM-5 and was very pleasently surprised to see the Apple style spinning pin wheel appear as the unit started.

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