Enhancing Productivity, Speech-to-Text with the Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop App

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Philips Speechlive, long known for its Australian-hosted, cloud-based dictation, voice-to-text and transcription workflows now adds Speech to Text to the Mac with a dedicated Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop App.

Frustrated with Apple’s built-in Dictation in macOS? Still looking for an old copy of MacSpeech Dictate to install? Freaked out by the idea of installing a Windows virtual machine to run Windows and limp along with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking bloatware for Windows? Finally, a modern, slick and highly accurate solution has arrived thanks to Philips.

In today’s dynamic digital era, professionals across various industries seek efficient solutions for managing documentation and streamlining workflows. The Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop App, recently released in December 2023 emerges as a powerful tool, revolutionising how individuals work with speech recognition and transcription services.

Let’s explore the functionality, use cases, and licensing essentials of this innovative application.

Unveiling the Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop App

Tailored for macOS users, the Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop app offers a comprehensive suite of tools for dictation, transcription, and document management. Developed by Philips, a global leader in voice solutions, the app integrates advanced technology to simplify document creation processes, enhance productivity, and foster collaboration among professionals.

Key Features and Functionality

Seamless Dictation and Transcription

The core functionality of the Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop app revolves around seamless dictation and transcription capabilities. Users can effortlessly dictate their thoughts, ideas, and documents using their voice, leveraging advanced speech recognition technology for accurate and efficient transcription. Whether composing emails, drafting reports, or creating legal documents, the app’s intuitive interface ensures smooth dictation and transcription, minimising errors and maximising productivity.

Australian Cloud-Based Storage and Accessibility – Conforms to the Strictest Data Sovereignty and Confidentiality Standards

A standout feature of the Philips SpeechLive platform is its cloud-based infrastructure, enabling users to access documents from anywhere, at any time. With the macOS Desktop app, all dictations and transcriptions are securely stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for local storage and ensuring seamless synchronization across devices. Whether working from the office, home, on holiday (yes we know that happens all too often) or on the go, users can access and manage documents with ease.

Collaboration and Workflow Management

Designed to streamline collaboration and workflow management, the Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop app facilitates efficient communication and document sharing among team members. Built-in collaboration features allow users to share dictations and transcriptions with colleagues, clients, or collaborators for real-time feedback and collaboration. Whether working on team projects, conducting interviews, or coordinating legal proceedings, the app empowers users to work effectively and efficiently.

Customization and Integration

The Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop App offers extensive customization and integration options to meet diverse professional needs. Users can personalise dictation settings, adjust transcription preferences, and customize workflows according to specific requirements. Moreover, the app seamlessly integrates with popular productivity tools and software platforms, enhancing interoperability and efficiency.

Licensing Essentials

To access the full functionality of the Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop app, users are required to obtain a suitable SpeechLive license. The licensing model is a subscription-based plan that is tailored to individual or organisational needs. Speak to us at Dictate Australia to help with licencing and functionality questions.


In conclusion, the Philips SpeechLive macOS Desktop app is a game-changing solution for Mac professionals seeking to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and improve accessibility in document creation and management. With its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration capabilities, the app empowers users to harness the power of speech recognition and transcription technology effectively.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, legal practitioner, journalist, or business executive, the SpeechLive macOS Desktop app is a valuable tool for maximising productivity and unlocking your full potential in the digital age.

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