Phillips Announce New SpeechLive Enhancements – Notifications & Images

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Philips Dictation has this month announced a couple of enhancement to their SpeechLive Australian hosted cloud dictation and transcription system.

SpeechLive Email Notifications for Typists

First up for the SpeechLive typists you will now receive a bit more detail in your email when you are notified of new dictations uploaded to SpeechLive. Rather than just being notified of new dictation for you the email now includes the respective author names in the notification emails.

If you are a SpeechLive Typist and do not currently receive email notifications that can be easily enabled in in the Workflow settings:

If you need some help with this please reach out to us we can help you with your Workflow settings.

Enrich Your Dictation by Adding an Image

Philips has enabled the ability to now add an image to an audio file in the SpeechLive web portal, this can then be downloaded and utilised by your transcription typist. Perfect for perhaps including images from a doctor with their notes or for lawyers screenshots or evidence to be included in a report or building assessors/real-estate documenting property.

This new functionality is only available currently via the web portal but Philips recognises that the Philips Voice Recorder App on your smartphone would be the obvious choice for easily attaching images to audio and boffins over in Philips HQ in Austria are working on that as we read, watch this space.

Click here to download the official Philips SpeechLive Release Note

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