Olympus DS-9500 Firmware Update v1.150

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The onslaught of regular firmware updates for the Olympus DS-9500 wifi enabled digital dictaphones continues with this firmware release v1.150 issued today. The regularity of the firmware updates is a good thing, it shows that Olympus is listening to feedback from the global user community and dealers and shows their dedication to continually improve the DS-9500 with fixes and updates.

This release is a small but handy containing one update and one fix.


  • Maintain Wi-Fi connection during recording (Dictation mode only).

This is a game-changer. Well maybe a little over the top reaction but its a change we have been keen for. Using wifi with the DS-9500 has felt “clunky” until this update. Waiting for the wifi to connect post dictation was a pain, by keeping the connection consistent will speed up file transfer. Of course it will have a small impact on battery life but with the DS-9500 likely constantly docked when not in use and its already great battery life you won’t even notice it.

This only applies while in Dictation Mode and does not apply in Conference Mode (when recording meetings, interviews etc).

Olympus DS-9500 Firmware v1.150 Maintains Wifi Connection While In Dictation Mode


  • Potential causes that may lead to the device becoming frozen have been modified

Does exactly what it says. Some DS-9500 have had some minor hang issues, easily rectified by pulling and re-seating the battery. This fix addresses that.



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