Olympus SCP (Software Configuration Program) Release 7.2.2

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Olympus has released an update to their Web SCP (Software Configuration Program) taking it to version 7.2.2 – this release brings with it a number of improvements and fixes. SCP is a web-based program that can be used by Admin to manage multiple authors (people who dictate) and transcribers for a company centrally. It can be used to deploy ODMS R7 dictation & transcription module, update firmware on the Olympus DS-9000 and DS-9500 digital dictaphones and configure ODMS R7 modules all from an easy to use web user interface.

Olympus Web SCP sits on a Windows PC or server with a MariaDB back end and integration with Active Directory. Olympus SCP also utilises a MUL (Multi-User Licence) model, also known as Workgroup, which allows businesses to deploy ODMS R7 Dictation and Transcription Module software anywhere with licences centrally managed by SCP using a concurrent use model. Olympus SCP also contains the drivers required to stream Citrix Virtual Desktop or connect via RDP to Terminal Services. It is best suited to practices with five or more dictaphones and two transcription typists or more.

Olympus Web SCP - Software Configuration Program for ODMS R7

Click here to Download Olympus Web SCP & ODMS R7 from Olympus Australia


  • Support firmware update for multiple dictation devices.

You can now select multiple devices from each hardware series when executing firmware updates. The devices to be updated can be selected by checking/unchecking the box for each device.

  • Based on network load, you can control the maximum number of devices that can update at the same time.
  • If the number of devices confirmed for update exceeds the maximum number, SCP will reply with, “No new firmware available”. In this case, the firmware update will be executed the next time that hardware confirms for new firmware *
  • Display application and version name by User or User Group *

Regardless of the User Role for the Group, the name of the application and the version name will be displayed for the User registered in the Group.

* Note: The SCP Client needs to be updated for this function to operate correctly.

Specification Changes:

  • Deleted invalid menu from ODMS Profile Setting Screen (Device Detector).

Removed unnecessary settings from ODMS Profile Setting.

  • Updated description based on the Outlook Version supported by ODMS.

Options settings for email related to Microsoft Outlook have been updated to the version supported by ODMS R7.2

  • An updated version of PHP. Upgraded from PHP 7.1.17 to PHP 7.3.


  • Fixed the issue that special characters could not be used for file encryption password.

Previously when setting from the device options menu, special characters were not accepted for the encryption password for DS2 files. This has now been corrected.

  • Fixed issue during User Role Setting.

Olympus SCP should not allow a user to have roles for Author/Typist (R7 or R6.3) and File Downloader together, however both roles could be given to the user. This is now fixed and either Author/Typist or File Downloader needs to be selected.

Other Information:

  • Note: Update for SCP Client.

In order to have the functions that have been updated in SCP R7.2.2 to be in effect, you need to update the SCP Client as well.

Please install SCP Client Ver 7.2.2 from the installer included in Workgroup Launcher v1.2.3 – download here.


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