Olympus Australia Giving Away ODDS Dictation App One Year Subscriptions

Olympus Professional Audio Australia have today announced a promotion which will run until the end of August 2016 giving away a one year Olympus ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) subscription for use with their iPhone and Android Dictation App with the purchase of any professional physical digital dictaphone.

Free Olympus ODDS Dictation App One Year Subscription

The Olympus Dictation app ( available on iTunes & Google Play ) has been gaining popularity since its launch back in October 2013 as it frees professional dictation users from the desk bound physical dictaphones allowing them to dictate and send audio anytime from anywhere. We have seen many of our customers who have the Olympus DS-7000 dictaphone double up and combine the ease of use of the physical recorder while in the office with the dictation app while at court or outside of their medical practice. Some customers also have decided to ditch the physical dictaphone altogether and move solely to smartphone dictation with the OpEx model and lack of support required for the physical dictaphones and its software an attractive proposition.

With the new promotion from Olympus we give you the opportunity to upgrade to the latest professional digital dictaphones Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 and combine them with secure digital dictation on your smartphone for free for one year,  usually the ODDS subscription is RRP $149 incl. GST per year per device.

Why are people dictating more and more on their smartphones?

Convenience, with the app you are free to dictate 24×7 from anywhere. We all carry our smartphone with us so it makes sense to use these intelligent devices as part of our daily work. How many times have you needed to make an urgent dictation but left the dictaphone in the office? How many times have you remembered to take your dictaphone with you to court or while out of practice and need to send urgent dictation but are unable to connect your physical dictaphone to a computer to download and send the dictation? No more with the Olympus Dictation App on your iPhone or Android device, dictate and send anytime anywhere.

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Are there confidentiality implications by dictating on my phone and sending the audio across the internet?

With many dictation apps you will see in iTunes or Google Play yes. But not with the Olympus Dictation App which allows encryption of the dictation from device to typist, this is a legal requirement for confidential patient or client audio. The audio is also sent in the Digital Speech Sound (.ds2) proprietary audio format owned and used by Olympus, Philips and Grundig and fully compatible with your existing Olympus transcription system.

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Doesn’t it add confusion with my typist receiving dictation from me from my physical dictaphone and from my smartphone?

No, the audio created on your smartphone can have the same attributes as audio created on your physical digital dictaphone. Author ID which flags to the typist who created the audio can be set as can the Workflow, indicating to the typist the type of dictation e.g. letter or referral. Your typist using the Olympus transcription system will be unaware if the audio has come from a smartphone or a professional digital dictation machine.

I’m busy and don’t have time to setup my smartphone for dictation let alone manage the yearly subscription renewal.

The Olympus ODDS system is designed to be managed centrally by an office or practice manager. All licences are administered via an Olympus web portal which allows for configuration of each smartphone licence and enables he ability to renew or request additional licences for the practice. Through the portal the practice manager will define for each smartphone user the settings for audio recording (i.e. which format to record in, .dss or .ds2), how should the audio be delivered (either via email or FTP to the practice FTP server), who should the audio be delivered to (typist or typing pool) and any encryption settings like decryption password and encryption level, 128bit or 256bit.

The doctor or lawyer using the app only need enter four fields to connect and use their smartphone to their licence, setup and ready to use in minutes.

For more information on the Olympus Dictation App or for any advice on digital dictation and transcription please contact us at Dictate Australia – dictate.com.au

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