Olympus DS-5000 Digital Dictaphone – Spare Parts List

Lets face it, it happens – you lose a thingy or misplace a what-do-ya-ma-call-it and suddenly you can’t do what you always do with your Olympus DS-5000 digital dictaphone. After all the box does come jam packed with cables, a CD, licence keys, docking station, batteries the list goes on. So what happens when you can’t find the thing you need?

Well, all official Olympus resellers will also sell spare parts, the trick is knowing what that spare part is called. In this post I will go through everything that is in the box and show you the part numbers and their RRP (in Australia) to give you an idea if you really should have looked after that part a bit more carefully. When you open the Olympus branded shoe box that contains your new DS-5000 or DS-5000iD everything inside can be replaced except for the recorder itself. So apart from the recorder what you will find inside are:

CR10 – Docking Station for Olympus DS-5000 – RRP AU$95 incl. GST

This black dock acts as the interface between your recorder and your PC or Mac. Be warned though this replacement part is only the dock, the cables which connect to it are separate Olympus parts. The dock allows charging of the DS-5000 and also the USB connection to your computer.

The CR10 dock can also be used with the Olympus DS-3400 but will not charge batteries in the DS-3400.

BR403 – Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack – RRP AU$45 incl. GST

These are the Olympus rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries which come with your Olympus DS-5000.

Over time your batteries may get tired from constant use or you may prefer to have a spare set of rechargeables on hand, if so this is the part for you.

These batteries also fit the older Olympus DS-4000 digital dictaphone.

A513 – 5v AC Power Adaptor – AU$59 incl. GST

The power supply for your Olympus DS-5000. This connects directly to the back of the CR10 dock or into the DS-5000 itself, this is the part you need if you want to have a spare power supply to take on business trips with your or to keep at home.

Make sure you buy this from an Australian reseller other you may end up with a plug which is not compatible with Australian wall sockets.

KP21 – miniA-B USB Cable – AU$59.50 incl. GST

This cable is essential, it is the USB cable which directly plugs into the CR10 dock or into the Olympus DS-5000 directly and connects your recorder to your Mac or PC. If you store your audio on the internal memory then without this cable you will not be able to access your digital audio files other than playing them back on the recorder itself. Just a tip, if you are away and have forgotten your KP21 and you have urgent dictation stored on the internal memory that you need to send to your secretary or transcription service, copy the dictation to the removeable SD memory card. Finding an SD card reader will be much easier to find than a KP21, anywhere in the world.

AS5001 – DSS player Pro v5 Dictation Module CD-ROM – AU$145 incl. GST

The all important software, the software which on Windows works much of the magic behind the Olympus DS-5000; Auto send of dictation by FTP, onto a network drive or via email. Audio editing, file encryption, file conversion, recorder settings and much more are all controlled using this software. On the Mac this disk contains the DSS Player Plus v7 software. Most importantly though this CD-ROM includes a single install licence key, one for a Windows install and one for a Mac install. Maybe you have a new PC and can’t find the original software disk or more often the case the licence key then this part is for you. Please remember you can still get audio off the DS-5000 without this software, on both Mac and Windows the software just adds all the functionality. The CD also holds a PDF copy of the DS-5000 manual, so if you are looking for that it’s on the CD. If you just need the manual, email me I will send you a PDF copy.

CS-119 Carry Case for Olympus DS-5000 – AU$55 incl. GST

This part is the carry case which keeps your Olympus DS-5000 free from dirt and scratches and over time can become a bit tatty.

If you need a replacement look for the CS-119.

That covers all the parts that come with your Olympus DS-5000 or DS-5000iD digital dictaphone. If you lose something it can be replaced, please make sure you always get your parts from Authorised Olympus Australia Professional reseller, which of course is what we are.

As usual, any questions or comments please post them here or tweet us @dictates. All these parts are available in Australia from Dictate Australia – Olympus Gold Professional Reseller

6 thoughts on “Olympus DS-5000 Digital Dictaphone – Spare Parts List”

  1. Ladies and gentlemen,
    as a replacement we need an Olympus CR-5 dockingstation. Can you offer us something like that? Thanks a lot,

    kind regards,

    Petra Fischer

  2. Hello Petra

    You should be able to get the CR-5 locally in Europe, have a look around the Olympus Europe website and see if you can contact someone from Olympus Germany who can refer you to a local reseller. If not, please come back to me, I will be happy to send you one from Australia.

    Dictate Australia

  3. Hi,

    I have a recorder, but no cradle or cable. The Olympus dealer I am talking to is telling me I need special software that comes with the DS5000 kit, but given I am buying a AS 5000 transcription kit, which comes with software, then I thought that I only need the cradle (CR10) the KP21 cable and the AS5000 kit.

    Any light on the subject would be helpful..



  4. Hello Cathryn

    Thanks for your comment.

    That is not strictly true, the DS-5000 is a USB device so when connected to a Windows PC or Mac using just the USB cable and no software then the folders and therefore the audio are available for you either via Windows Explorer or Finder on a Mac. The cradle comes with our cables so you would need a USB cable and also the power cable. The fact that you can access your audio without software then you can also send that audio to your typist to be transcribed using the AS-5000 kit.

    The software, if you are a Windows person adds some functionality like auto download of files, auto email or FTP of your files and file conversion. The software is also used to set various functions on the recorder itself, e.g. downloading and applying firmware updates, setting the default record mode, configuring users etc.

    If you are happy with your recorder as it is now and just need to get the audio off the recorder then the USB cable is required, plus the dock if you feel you need that for neatness on your desk. I am assuming you acquired the recorder without software.

    Give me a call on 1300 787 092 or email me dave@dictate.com.au and I will be happy to run through it all with you.


    Dictate Australia

  5. Hi there, I need a spare part for the Olympus DS-5000 Digital Dictaphone. Where the microphone sits in a small cradle the small black piece has split in half. I need a replacement. Please advise if you can help me. Thank you

  6. Hello Linda

    This is not a spare part that you can buy and fit however you can ask your local authorised Olympus audio dealer to pass the recorder to Olympus for repair. Olympus will give you a quote first so you can decide to either repair or replace.

    Hope that helps.


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