Olympus Australia Discontinue The DS-30 & DS-40 Digital Voice Recorders

It is with deep sadness that I bring to you the news of the demise of the Olympus DS-30 digital voice recorder. Here we go again, yet another recorder dumped by Olympus Australia this year. This model discontinued will very soon also be followed by the DS-40, Olympus are running out their remaining stock, so two excellent and very popular large meeting/focus group recorders bow out in favour of a new, sleeker, younger, fitter, better looking model, the Olympus DS-55 (release date yet to be announced in Australia).

New Olympus DS-55 Stereo Mic
New Olympus DS-55 Stereo Mic

Only two weeks ago we reported on the end of life for the DS-50 which has been superseded by the new Olympus DS-65. The DS-30 and DS-40 are going the same way with a new Olympus DS-55 model due to arrive in Australia we hope in the next few weeks. We hope because the DS-30 is a very popular recorder and to be left hanging with just a pricey DS-65 could cause some consumer pain. In usual Olympus style, they are starting to become the Apple of the voice recorder world with no leaks and just suprise announcements, we found out when we tried to restock some DS-30s and found out they were no more. No news yet either on the DS-55, we have no idea of its RRP or release date we just assume that it is coming soon. More on the Olympus DS-55 when we have more news on, as a teaser check out the beatiful image to the left of the sleek silver stereo mic topping off the soon to arrive DS-55.

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