Rejig In The Olympus Voice Range & Pricing

Traditionally June has been the month for Olympus (and others) to launch their price list ready for the start of the next financial year. As we had already seen some price changes from Olympus Voice in February nothing much was expected in the annual June pricing updates and sure enough thats what has happened, not alot. Of note though are the following changes/additions annouced:

  • Olympus DS-40 price reduced to RRP $595 incl. GST
  • New model Olympus DS-55 priced at RRP $695 incl. GST
  • Olympus DS-2300 price reduced to RRP $695 incl. GST
  • New model Olympus DS-3400 priced at $795 incl. GST
  • New accessory, RS30W remote for LS-10 recorders at RRP $195 incl. GST

So we see price cuts on the DS-40 (down to the old Olympus DS-30 price) and also a cut for the DS-2300. These models are facing their last few weeks/months of life before being discontinued in favour of the new models already here.

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Olympus Australia Discontinue The DS-30 & DS-40 Digital Voice Recorders

It is with deep sadness that I bring to you the news of the demise of the Olympus DS-30 digital voice recorder. Here we go again, yet another recorder dumped by Olympus Australia this year. This model discontinued will very soon also be followed by the DS-40, Olympus are running out their remaining stock, so … read more