Welcome to Australia – New Olympus DS-3400 Digital Dictaphone

News filtered through this week that on a flight from Japan a load of new Olympus digital voice recorders has arrived at the Melbourne headquarters for Olympus Voice, the Olympus DS-3400. This makes the past few weeks busy ones for the Olympus folks as they also took delivery of the DS-50 replacement the DS-65 (see this post).


New Olympus DS-3400 Digital Dictaphone
New Olympus DS-3400 Digital Dictaphone


The Olympus DS-3400 is expected to be released for sale sometime in the week starting 8th June, 2009.

So what do we know about this new sleek black recorder. Well, it seems to be the replacement for the DS-3300 which was phased out earlier this year. Following the same kind of transition path as the DS-4000 to DS-5000 we see a new look, new dictation module (DSS Player Pro v5), the use of the new DSS Player Pro (.ds2) audio format and as with the DS-5000 a free upgrade if you have an AS-2300 transcription kit to an AS-2400 transcription kit, which is as yet not available in Australia (these are expected when the DS-2300 gets a bump upto DS-2400).

The DS-3400 will have support for external media memory cards, both SD and SDHC and will come with a whopping 1Gb SD card, which is alot of dictation. Like its big brother, the DS-5000, the DS-3400 will not only cope perfectly with single speaker notes and letters but should alos be good for your team meetings or focus groups making it quite an all rounder.

Security is also a feature included in the DS-3400 with file encryption available and also the device is capable of being locked via password protection, something essential for the medical and legal people out there.

Also improved are the control buttons embedded along the side within a smart chrome strip which make control of the unit a breeze.

No news on official pricing as yet, but as soon as we know I will update this entry.

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