Olympus DSS Player R5 Pro Free Trial Download

Is there a trial version of the Olympus DSS Player R5 Dictation Module and Transcription Module software? YES THERE IS !! …. read on

### DSS Player Pro R5 has been replaced by version R6 now 
### called ODMS - Olympus Dictation Management Software. 
### Click here for a free trial of this software.


Olympus DSS Player Pro r5 software comes in two forms, the dictation module and the transcription module. The Dictation Module software comes as part of the package when you buy the Olympus Professional dictaphones (DS-5000 and DS-3400). The transcription module accompanies the AS-5000 professional transcription kit.

Why download and install the DSS Player Pro R5 trial version?

  • Maybe you have just upgraded to a new PC and can’t find your original licence key. With the trial you get 60 days to find it or purchase a replacement licence – no lost productivity.
  • Thinking about converting from analogue tapes to digital dictation and transcription? Have a look at the software and test it out on your computer and office setup prior to buying your digital dictaphones or transcription kits.
  • Desperately need to convert Olympus .ds2 audio files for playback in older Olympus R4 transcription modules or Express Scribe, dictation module will convert from DSS Pro .ds2 to .mp3 .wma .wav or .dss

Dictation Module (Olympus model number AS-5001)

This software is used by the person who dictates using either the Olympus DS-5000 or DS-3400 digital dictaphones. It is fully featured software and assists the person dictating by automatically downloading audio from their digital dictaphone to their PC. Not only that the software can automatically send your dictation audio files to your typist via either email, FTP or by dropping the files onto a shared network drive or third party file sharing software like Dropbox. Audio files can also be edited by the user prior to sending for transcription.

The Olympus DSS Player Dictation Module software is also very popular with transcription services as it will easily convert .ds2 audio files to .dss or .wma for load into older Olympus transcription kits or free transcription software like Express Scribe from NCH Software.

Transcription Module (Olympus model number AS-5002)

This software when used with a headset and USB transcription foot control (known as the Olympus RS-28) is used by professional transcription typists to start/stop/play/rewind audio as they type into their favourite word processing software.

Software Licence

Both the dictation and transcription module software are licenced meaning they require a purchased software licence key to function. If you would like to try either the dictation or transcription module in your business before you purchase a valid licence key then a free 60 day trial is available. Simply download the software and follow the special trial install instructions and you can see just how powerful the Olympus DSS Player Pro software is.

Download The Latest Version Of DSS Player Pro R5

Want to get a head start and download DSS Player Pro R5 now? Click this link dictat.es/dss-player to download the latest version to your PC (225Mb). Unzip the contents and then be ready to follow the instructions we will email to you to install either the dictation module, transcription module or both in trial mode.

Once downloaded run but cancel the Auto Run feature. Next click [Start] followed by [Run] and type:

msiexec.exe /i D:\DSSProR5\DSSPlayer.msi TRIALMODE=ON

You will need to change the path highlighted in red above to the location that you downloaded the software to. That’s it, you will have the option of install either the dictation module, transcription module or both. After 60 days you will require a licence to continue using DSS Player Pro R5.


Please note the trial version of DSS Player Pro R5 is only available for Windows standalone installs and is not available for Workgroup, Citrix or Mac users. Software licences are available for purchase outside of Australia from us.


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