Olympus DS-9500 Firmware Update v1.140

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We have seen a flurry of new firmware updates of late from Olympus. This is good news, why? Because it shows that Olympus Japan is actively listening to the feedback from customers and applying fixes and updates to continuously improve this amazing little wi-fi enabled professional digital dictaphone.

The firmware update can be applied in a couple of ways. If installed correctly, your ODMS R7 DM (Dictation Module) will alert you when a firmware update is available and you can then choose when to apply the update. The process should only take a couple of minutes.

ODMS R7 DM Dictation Module Firmware Update
Olympus ODMS R7 Dictation Module (DM) Auto Firmware Update

You can also upgrade the firmware via the download link below. This is a zip file which once extracted contains a single executable file which can be used to update the firmware on your Olympus DS 9500. Most larger organisations do not like this method and it is preferred to update via the ODMS software above.

So what is new in this firmware update:

  • The number of files in a folder is now displayed
  • A failed WiFi transfer icon has been added to the status bar on the DS-9500 screen
  • The active Network connection status is displayed
  • Added ability to delete WiFi networks
  • Users are notified that the battery percentage must be 50% or more during firmware update (we always recommend fully charged first)
  • The brightness of the Olympus DS-9500 large colour screen is now easier to configure
  • Improved Dim Light setting
  • Improved Power Save setting
  • IP Address and Mac Address for Wired LAN are now displayed in the Device Information section
  • The display has been improved to show the device is connecting to a network, once it has been selected from the list
  • WiFi networks will be displayed in order of strongest signal. If a previously registered WiFi network is not available, it will not be displayed in the list.
  • Added support for iPhone punctuation


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