Olympus Dictation & Transcription Software Updates [Mac] [Windows]

Olympus has this month released a couple of updates to both their macOS (DSS Player Plus v7) and Windows (ODMS R7) Dictation & Transcription Software.

These are only minor updates with no new functionality released just bug fixes. With these updates brings the latest version of Olympus professional audio software to:

  • MacOS – DSS Player Plus v7.7.1
  • Windows – ODMS R7 v7.2 Patch 0003

A reminder also that Olympus ODMS R6 for Windows is now end of life and out of support as of 31st March 2019. If you have either the Dictation Module (DM) or Transcription Module (TM) installed then there is an upgrade path that you can take. Each upgrade licence to ODMS R7 cost Australian $99 incl. GST and is auto-delivered on check-out from our store, no waiting for licence keys. Note: These licence keys can be used worldwide.

Make sure you get the right part number for your upgrade:

  • AS-9003 – You have an ODMS R6 (or DSS Player Pro R5) DM licence that starts with the letters RD6 or RD5
  • AS-9004 – You have an ODMS R6 (or DSS Player Pro R5) DM licence that starts with the letters RT6 or RT5

You can always download that latest release of Olympus Windows and macOS software from here:


macOS – DSS Player Plus v7.7.1 Release Notes:

This update resolves an issue whereby when the audio output is switched over or the external headset is physically inserted/removed during file playback, audio output will stop even though the screen continues to playback.

Windows Olympus ODMS R7 v7.2 Patch 0003 Release Notes:

Resolves an issue regarding playing dictations from Windows Explorer.

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