[Mac] [Fixed] Issues With Your Transcription Foot Pedal After Upgrading to OS X 10.11 El Capitan ?



Olympus Mac OSX 10.11 DSS Player Supported 7.5.2 Update


Download the Olympus DSS Player Plus v7.5.2 Update From Here – http://dictat.es/mac-fixed


Olympus Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan Transcription Pedal Issue Problem Not Working

Nearly a week into the general release of Apple’s latest and greatest Mac operating system OS X 10.11 code name El Capitan we are starting to hear of some issue with Olympus Mac transcription foot pedals, namely the RS-28 and RS-31 USB foot controls. From what we can ascertain so far the issue appears to be no functionality from the foot pedals while connected to a Mac running DSS Player Plus v7 version v7.5.1 on OS X 10.11

We have been in contact with Olympus Australia and they are doing all they can to find an answer and resolution with the boffins based in Japan.

Thankfully the use of hot keys is not affected, so although painful, transcription can still be completed using the keys rather than the pedal for now.

As soon as we get any updates on the situation with suggestions on work arounds, patches or software updates we will post.


**UPDATE** 24th October, 2015

In an email exchange with Olympus today I heard that a fix is being tested and is on-track for release by the end of October. Also, one of our readers posted a comment saying they too had been advised by Olympus of a fix coming soon. Of course nothing official from Olympus (anywhere from what I can see) but let’s hope something appears in the next week.


**UPDATE** 20th October, 2015

Sorry all still no updates or revised E.T.A. of when a fix will be available.

If you happen to have access to a Windows PC you can install the Windows Olympus transcription module and use your RS-28 or RS-31 USB foot pedal. This may at least allow you to transcribe with a pedal in the short term. The Windows software requires a licence, for this you have two options:

  1. Download and install the Windows transcription module in trial mode. This will give you 60 days of full use of the Windows software. Details on how to install in trial mode and where to download from via this link: dictat.es/trial
  2. If you have your green square piece of paper which has your Mac licence key on it you will notice you also have a Windows licence key that you could use. Your Windows licence key starts with the letters RT5xx or RT6xx depending on the version. If you have RT5xx then you will need version 5 of the Olympus DSS Player Pro transcription module, you can download that from here: dictat.es/r5 – If you have RT6xx as your licence key then you will need version 6 of the Olympus transcription module software called ODMS, you can download that from here: dictat.es/r6

As an avid Mac user it causes me angst to offer Windows as a short term alternative, but it is what it is. More updates as and when we get them.


**UPDATE** 7th October, 2015

Olympus Australia have released a notice to the Professional Audio dealers to confirm that they are aware of two issues with DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac since the Apple Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan Upgrade:

  1. Previous and current Installer files are unable to be executed.
  2. Connected devices are no longer recognised by the application after a user has upgraded their OS version to OS X10.11.

Although there is no official support for DSS Player for Mac within this environment at this time, Olympus are currently working on an update to resolve these issues, and anticipate that this will be available by mid to late October.

In the interim, we suggest that users do not operate DSS Player for Mac on Mac OS X10.11 (El Capitan) until such time as these issues have been resolved. 

Olympus’ advice is to not upgrade yet, but for many of you it is too late. Further updates as and when they are received.

28 thoughts on “[Mac] [Fixed] Issues With Your Transcription Foot Pedal After Upgrading to OS X 10.11 El Capitan ?”

  1. Worse than this. If you are stupid enough (like me) to try to reinstall 7.5.1 in an attempt to get the foot pedal working you will find that the installer does not work under El Capitan. Indeed even when I disable the SIP using terminal via the recovery partition it doesn’t allow installation. I have the 7.5 complete installer for Yosemite, and that doesn’t work on El Capitan. (I tried all of the installers back to to the 7.0 one). You get all the way through the the last step of the installation and then you get a message that there is no software to install. I downloaded several copies, before going to Macrumors.com and finding that this is not an uncommon problem with El Capitan. So I am using Express Scribe Pro ($50) from the App Store, until if fix is available. Regards Michael Knight, Surgeon, Melbourne

  2. Thank you for your comment Michael, we share your frustration and well done on all your efforts for a work around. Just be careful with Scribe as it does not support the .ds2 audio format so you may find your audio playback cutoff if using that format, .dss it is fine with.

    I have been in constant contact with Olympus Australia and have been passing them my customer details (pedal model, DSS Player Plus version number etc) as well as your and others feedback. I know they are working hard with Japan to find a resolution/fix.



  3. I am anxiously awaiting a fix to this problem – it’s difficult to transcribe having to stop and start the player with your hands…

    Thanks for letting us know to sit tight and not try to reinstall the software….I might have tried that! I’ll just keep what I have and wait to see an update from you.

  4. Appreciate you keeping us informed. It would have been useful of Olympus to use channels like social media to let people know BEFORE we upgraded. (You can tell them that from me 😉
    I’ve upgraded to 7.5.1 and haven’t had any issues other than the foot pedal disappearance.

  5. After upgrading to El Capitan, I found that I could no longer use the foot pedal. I got in touch with the people who support me, to be told there is a problem.
    I’m astonished that developers would not keep abreast of changes, and be on top of things. Software updates will always be there. Certainly, people selling the software to various users should have been informed not to upgrade at this stage, so that they in turn could alert their customers. It’s very inconvenient. I freelance and I can’t spend time using the hot keys as I’m on a time basis.
    I’m sure we’ll all be calling our support/sales people before we next upgrade.
    I wonder too if there will be any teething problems with the amendment.
    thank you.

  6. Hello Pauline

    Thank you for your comment. Yes as you can see it is a known issue which Olympus are working on. We fully understand your frustration and hope that a fix/patch/update is rolled out very very soon for this.



  7. Hi, I’ve also just upgraded to El Capitan to discover my DSS foot pedal no longer works, and thus found you. Am mid-stream in some hours of transcription so am keen to get the fix as soon as it comes through,
    Thanks a lot for keeping me in the loop,

  8. Hello Jan

    Sorry you found us this way.

    I have still not heard any news or updates from Olympus on a realistic fix date. I have been looking online for an official Olympus announcement but haven’t managed to find that either. Of course as soon as I get any news on the status I will post as I know many people worldwide are affected.



  9. Hi, I also have same problem and was told I shouldn’t have downloaded El Capital before checking if DSS player compatible. Eagerly await fix.

  10. It’s incredibly frustrating not being able to use my Mac laptop for transcription anymore since downloading OS X 10.11 El Capitan. I bought an Apple Mac Air for its portability, but now find that i have to revert to my old Window laptop (less portable) to do my transcription. Thus when I go away next week, for example, I can’t take transcription work with me. I hope this problem is fixed in a hurry. It’s making Windows look more user friendly than Apple at the moment …

  11. Hello Jillian

    Thank you for your comment, we feel you pain.

    As soon as I hear from Olympus I will post an update. Good use of your Windows licence in the meantime.


  12. Hello Anne

    That is great advice but likely for you and most others it is too late. With the amount of software we have on our Mac and with the availability of OS X releases to developers prior to general release it is natural to not expect too many issues.

    Will post any updates as soon as I have them.



  13. Oh boy – the frustration level is pretty high (not to mention the swearing! !!)
    I hope the come up with a fix shortly – my swapping from typing to using the hand control keys is sooooo slowwwww.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  14. Just downloaded El Capitan 10.11.1 with fingers crossed, as it said it had fixed problems with some audio plug-ins (or something like that), but still no go …

  15. I was emailing Olympus support yesterday and they said they have an update currently being testing – it will be released asap.

  16. Thanks Trudy

    Yes in an email conversation I had with Olympus techs yesterday I was told a fix is on track for release by month end. This is not official but hopefully a sign that a fix to this very annoying issue is imminent.


  17. Thanks Anne

    Let me check this out, OPD Support is a valid credible source for Olympus. I have not heard of this update from Olympus locally but fingers crossed this is it. Your comment is much appreciated.


  18. Hallo zusammen!
    Ich arbeite mit dem Olympus DSS Player AS-2400 mit der Version 7.5.0. Nachdem ich mein MacBook Pro auf El Capitan upgegradet hatte, funktioniert das Fusspedal nicht mehr. Ich habe daher versucht, dass DSS-Programm neu zu installieren, was nicht funktioniert hat. Ich habe dann das DSS-Programm deinstalliert und erneut zu installieren versucht. Es ist jedesmal eine Fehlermeldung gekommen.
    Jetzt habe ich in stundenlanger Arbeit das Betriebssystem auf Yosemite zurückgesetzt.
    Ich bin total happy, dass ich hier ein paar Informationen von anderen “Betroffenen” gefunden habe und weiss, dass ich nicht damit alleine bin. Ich hoffe auf ein baldiges Update seitens Olympus……

  19. Hi. I posted this on an Apple discussion board in January, but no response. It’s still the case. Can anyone help? I bought an Olympus R28H foot pedal/controller in theory to run with my Express Scribe Pro transcription software (the latest version) after getting advice that these were compatible. (On a MacBook Pro, 10.11.3) However, I cannot get the two to communicate. Instead, the foot pedal/controller opens iTunes. I tried the Express Scribe set up wizard, but it doesn’t acknowledge a foot pedal is attached; I configured the foot pedal for “keyboard” as opposed to “Olympus” as advised for third party software. After chatting with the folks who sold me the foot pedal, I decided I should try the Olympus software, so forked out for DSS Player for Mac, and have the latest version 7 Plus 7.5.2. But, you guessed it, exactly the same thing is happening. All the foot pedal will do is open (and control) iTunes, not the audio files in the dictation software. Having wasted rather too much money on this, I’m at a loss. Can anyone out there help?

  20. Hey Alison

    Thanks for your comment. The RS28H (and RS32H) are fairly new models (previously RS28 and RS32), the H adding some third part software support as you have seen/heard. I am not overly familiar with the software that comes with the pedal to enable third party support so can’t comment too much on the working of that, especially with Scribe.

    But I can comment on the fact that you have a DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac licence now which is fully compatible with the RS-28H and RS-32H pedal. What may be happening is that your Mac has associated your audio files with iTunes which is why by default that app is being opened. What I suggest you do is open the Olympus software and the drag the audio file(s) from your Finder into DSS Player Plus. That way it will be able to be controlled (stop/play/rewind) by your pedal.

    The DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac software will only take MP3, ds2 and DSS format audio files along with WMA and WAV (which may require a plugin).

    I hope that helps.


  21. Hello,

    I am running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 with DSS Player software 7.5.3 (Desktop Software works fine) but I am unable to get my Footswitch RS-25 to work using my AS-4000 Transcription Kit. Is this a software related issue? I attempted to download the foot switch configuration tool, but cannot install it, keeps giving me an error. In the DSS Player software when going to foot switch setting, in the drop down menu it only gives options for pedals RS-27, RS-28, RS-31 and RS-32.

    Is there a driver for the RS-25 foot switch anywhere? I can’t find anything on this type foot switch on the Olympus site anywhere.

    If this footswitch is no longer supported with Mac OS Sierra, can you tell me up to which Mac OS Version it does support?

    Please and thank you

  22. Hello Vito

    I am not familiar with the RS-25 as we have never seen that model in Australia, it must be a very old pedal. The latest version of DSS Player Plus (v7.5.3) as you have seen only supports the foot and hand controllers you have listed. It may be possible to find a very old version of DSS Player Plus that supports RS-25 but it will not be compatible with your Mac OS. Your best option would be to buy an RS-28 or RS-31 pedal.

    I hope that helps.


  23. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your reply. Just a few follow-up questions. I agree, I would have to be running Mac OS 10.6 to be able to run DSS Player version 4 to 6 to get my RS-25 to be working, but I am not going to be downgrading my Mac OS, that is way too old.

    On the Olympus website, there is RS-28 and RS-28H and RS-31 and RS-31H. Which is best or you recommend?

    There is also an RS-27H. In this footswitch, it recommends to use AS-4000 which I already have from when I was using my RS-25 with Mac OS 10.5/10.6. Will the RS-27H work if using Mac OS 10.9 through to 10.12 Sierra? (ie. 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12)

    What is the difference between the the whole number versus the “H” models?

    One last question, when looking at Olympus descriptions with RS-31H, for example, it mentions that the footswitch can be used with third party software. Do you know of any third party softwares that would work Olympus foot switches? I’d like to try and see if any would work with my RS-25 and Mac OS.

    Thank you Dave I appreciate it.

  24. Hey Vito

    The “H” on the end of the pedals just denotes that the pedal comes with software to allow it to be used with third party software. You can pretty much use it with anything, the software lets you configure actions for the pedals outside of the Olympus software. To be honest, it is not worth the time and effort trying to force the pedal to work with other software, just use the software that was designed to be used with the pedals, i.e. ODMS for Windows and DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac. That way 1) you know it works 2) you have the support of your Olympus dealers.

    The pedals without the “H” have no third party configuration software and will only work with the Olympus software. We don’t have the RS-27 in Australia so I am not familiar with that model. RS-28H and RS-31H are our current Olympus pedal models.

    Agree also, never go backwards with your operating system to get really old software to work.

    I hope that helps.


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