Olympus Dictation App for iPhone & Android Update – v1.20 [ODDS]

Olympus have just released an update to their very popular digital dictation app simply titled Olympus Dictation. This takes the app to version v1.20 and brings with it some usablibity improvements namely with the initial login plus the ability to add additional email addresses for audio recipients (transcription typists usually) from the app itself.

Olympus Dictation iOS App v1.20 ODDS

To accompany the app update Olympus have also made some behind the scenes enhancements to the Olympus portal itself. The portal, or web login, is where practice or office managers configure and manage all their end user dictation licences which defines what audio format the audio is recorded in, any encryption settings and how the audio is transferred, either by FTP or typically email.

There are many digital dictation and voice recording apps in the iTunes App store and Google Play but only the Olympus App has the ability to record in the professional dictation audio format supported by Olympus, Grundig and Phillips being .ds2 (and older .dss) audio files. These are the same file types created by the professional Olympus digital dictaphones, namely the Olympus DS-7000.

The app itself is the perfect accompaniment to a physical dictaphone. Many of our users have their trusty DS-7000 in the office and docked and then use the app when working from home, from court or from practices or hospitals while doing rounds or home visits. From the transcription typist point of view the audio arrives and is automatically loaded into their transcription kit as if it had come from the office Olympus DS-7000.

Some users have even gone one step further and use only the Olympus dictation app for their dictation. The key advantages obviously being the ability to dictate from anywhere and instantly send the audio. Key here is that the audio is in the highly compressed .ds2 or .dss audio format plus the audio can (and should) be encrypted as it is sent over the internet. Any confidential dictation must be encrypted, this alone makes the Olympus App and the ODDS (Olympus Digital Dictation Service) worth every dollar.

Olympus Dictation App Free Trial ds2

The app is licenced on a yearly subscription, the yearly cost in Australia from Dictate Australia is $139 per device per year incl. GST. A free 30 day trial is available if you would like to test drive the app in your business.



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