[Mac] Transcription Software for Mac – Olympus DSS Player Plus v7

Olympus are renowned for being the best when it comes to digital dictation and transcription. All their digital voice recorders and professional digital dictaphones are both Mac and Windows compatible.

For Mac users, Olympus provide specific transcription software called DSS Player Plus v7 (currently at release 7.5.1 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatible).

Olympus Transcription Software for Mac - DSS Player Plus v7

Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac when combined with the Olympus RS-31 Professional Transcription USB Foot Pedal for audio playback control and the Olympus E62 transcription headset is the ultimate transcription kit for Mac users.

Olympus RS31 Mac Transcription Software USB Foot Control Pedal

Audio files supported:

  • .dss
  • .ds2 (DSS Pro) both encrypted and non-encrypted
  • .wma
  • .mp3
  • .aif
  • .wav

Olympus E62 Professional Transcription HeadsetAll the latest professional digital dictaphones from Olympus, Grundig and Philips record in the DSS Pro (.ds2) audio file format which is fully supported by Olympus DSS Player Plus. Also supported are encrypted DSS audio files allowing complete security of confidential audio when sent by the person dictating across the internet to their transcription typist, simply enter the password the dictator created for the audio file and start transcribing.

No more messing around trying to convert audio files. No more asking your dictation clients to record in a different format or worse still to convert audio for you. And no more buying cheaper software that doesn’t quite do as it says and with no support. The Olympus software is only sold by authorised Olympu Audio resellers and they are contactable so can support you if you have any issues.

Introducing the Dictate Australia Mac Transcription Kit which contains all you need to function as a professional Mac transcription typist – Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 transcription software, transcription headset and USB foot pedal.

If you are a Mac user and you are serious about providing a professional transcription service to your clients then Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 is what you need.


What does the Dictate Australia Professional Transcription Kit for Mac contain?

The kit contains all you need for transcription on your Mac:

  • Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 Software installation CD
  • One single installation Olympus DSS Player Plus licence key
  • One Olympus RS-31 Professional USB transcription foot control pedal
  • One Olympus E62 under the chin style Professional Transcription headset

My Mac doesn’t have a DVD drive, how can I install the software that comes with the kit?

No worries, we can supply you with a download link to the latest version of the software. (Approximately 80Mb). All you need to do is download and install the software then pop in your licence key provided in the kit.

I have more than one Mac, can I install the software on all of them?

The Olympus software is sold as a single install licence. So officially no, if you want to use the software on an additional Mac you will need to purchase another licence key. You can still share the pedal and headset between computers so no need to buy another kit. Just ask us for the price for an additional licence.

How is this different from the Olympus AS-7000 transcription kit?

The only difference is the software. The Olympus AS-7000 transcription kit comes with the Olympus AS-7002 transcription module software. Transcription module is Windows software and is more expensive that the Mac transcription software.

How long does delivery take?

We usually have this in stock so can be shipped same or next day across Australia. If on he rare occassion we do not have the stock just add an extra couple of days as we pull it in from Olympus in Sydney.

Is there anyone I can talk to, I have some questions?

Of course, our contact details can be found here. Fastest way to get ahold of us is to email sales@dictate.com.au or if we are online the Live Chat feature (bottom right corner) on our website dictate.com.au

If you prefer to speak to someone and our 1300 88 23 75 number isn’t answered when you call simply send us an email and we will call you straight back. We are also connected to email, not always near the phone.

Download the Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 Transcription Software for Mac Manual


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