Is Dragon Dictate for Mac Compatible With Lion – OS X 10.7?

Dragon Dictate from Nuance compatible with Lion - OS X version 10.7

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was released worldwide on 20th July, 2011
I have personally upgraded from 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to 10.7 (Lion) 
with Dragon Dictate 2.0.3 installed with no issues.
CLICK HERE for the official status of Mac Dragon products with Lion
Note it says: 

Dragon Dictate 2.5 Customers

Dragon Dictate 2.5 customers may experience irregular software crashes 

when opening or running the software on the new Apple OS X Lion. We are 

currently investigating reports to discover and address the root cause 

of the issue. If you wish to continue using Dragon Dictate most 

effectively, we encourage you to maintain Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

With the launch of OS X version 10.7 better known as Lion about to hit the Apple Mac App Store on 20th July in the US (likely the 21st July in Australia) now the frantic search is on to see what products we already have installed on Snow Leopard (10.6) that will still work when we upgrade. For me and many others the question is shifting to the best voice recognition software for the Mac – Dragon Dictate from Nuance.

So can I upgrade to Lion and still use Dragon Dictate? YES, BUT MAYBE WAIT A LITTLE based on the following:

I have emailed my Australian Nuance contact and was told that there are no incompatibilities that they are aware of. This is a good sign but I am still looking for someone who has managed to install the dev release of Lion and test with Dragon Dictate.

I have emailed the US Nuance Dragon Dictate beta testing co-ordinator and am awaiting a reply.

I have messaged Dragon NaturallySpeaking on Facebook (yes they look after the Mac product also) and was told this:

Dragon Dictate for Mac from Nuance on Mac OS X Lion 10.7

I have looked on the Nuance Dragon for Mac forum – click here

I have tweeted @DragonTweets and was just given a link to the curent Dragon Dictate specs webpage which showed compatible with Snow Leopard, not the answer I was after people !

I have checked the Mac OS X Lion Application Compatibility chart listed at and it says “App Has Not Been Tested”

18 thoughts on “Is Dragon Dictate for Mac Compatible With Lion – OS X 10.7?”

  1. Thanks for this – I for one will be waiting until I know ALL my applications are ready before upgrading to Lion!

  2. Hey Janette

    Thanks for your comment. Have you found that many of your apps are not compatible out of interest? The only problem I have found so far was my version of Parallels 6 failed to launch any VMs, I quick check for updates soon fixed that one. Other than that it is all good, I admire your willpower to resist 🙂


    Dictate Australia

  3. Hello Autentic

    Thanks for your comment, which version and build of Dragon Dictate are you running? I have 2.0.3 (10327) and have had no problems, I would be surprised if a language pack makes a difference to the functionality of the core code.

    Dictate Australia

  4. Dictate doesn’t work with Lion.

    It seemed fine when I first launched it but within a short time, crashed and continued to crash every time I relaunched. I repaired preferences -crashed. I deleted preferences and relaunched – crashed. I removed all and reinstalled – crashed!!

    I’m going back to Snow Leopard till this is fixed – it’s wasting my time!!

  5. Thanks Ian for your comment.

    It is starting to look like my advice pre-Lion is looking accurate “Maybe wait a little” before installing Lion. Dragon Dictate continues to work fine for me on 10.7


    Dictate Australia

  6. Dragon Dictate does not work with MacOS 10.7 Lion. Crashes or hangs. Worst MacOS upgrade ever. I am going back to Snow Leopard. Never had to do that with Mac before – feels like a Windows experience.

  7. Thank you Naoise for your comment.

    Sorry to hear about your experience which is unusual as in my case and my of my customers case the upgrade has gone without issue and their Dragon Dictate has continued tio function as normal. Nuance have also announced on their website that Dragon Dictate 2.0 (and now 2.5) is Lion compatible.

    Did you have issue with other software which made you decide to go back?



  8. Dave, most software works o.k (MS Office and the rest). Two applications that I use extensively for business purposes (Dragon Dictate and Mind Manager/Mindjet) have caused problems. MindManager 9 for Mac is even worse – files created under earlier OS versions open, however are corrupted when saved.

  9. Hey Naoise

    I would guess Mind Manager issues would be likely to do with the extensive file system changes with Lion. Dragon Dictate you should have had no problems with at all. I would raise a ticket with Nuance or maybe try an uninstall/re-install with an upgrade to 2.5 – not ideal I know. Start with the ticket and get some advice from your local Nuance people – if you have any issues let me know and I will see how I can help.



  10. Same problems here. Upgraded to Lion and now Dragon is crashing over and over again. It will “dictate” functionally, but with many errors and sporadic jumping around of the cursor. If I try to “train” Dragon’s grammar or speech then it crashes every single time. Reinstalls don’t fix problem. Headed back to Snow Leopard until it gets fixed.

  11. Dave, I have no idea what will work and what won’t with Lion – I still haven’t been game to install it yet.

    I’m keeping an eye on roaringapps which hasn’t been updated for Dragon for the last 8 days now; and still has an “uncertain” status. (details at

    Yes, I can be patient LOL!

    Dragon is one of my required apps so I’m not taking any chances. The Lion sleeps tonight…

  12. Hey Janette

    Thanks for your comment. I admire your restraint with holding off with the Lion install, I couldn’t wait and have had no issues. Nuance updated their Mac page a few days ago with an effective “good to go” if you have Dragon Dictate 2.0 or have installed the free upgrade to 2.5 – that page can be seen here:

    But, and there is always a but, I have had a few comments, not all approved yet that have seen people with issues and they have gone back to Snow Leopard from Lion. So being cautious is a good thing although from what I have seen online the people with issues are in the minority.

    I actually did the upgrade to Lion but I plan to install a fresh copy of Lion this week and effectively start from scratch which will see me re-installing everything. I might write a post on how I did this for peoples reference. My iMac is a few years old and can be a little slow, I am hoping the fresh install will breath new life into this hold Mac.



  13. Thanks Joe for your comment:

    Nuance have an update on their Dragon for Mac webpage which has noted some issues with 2.5 and Lion, they have said:

    Dragon Dictate 2.5 Customers

    Dragon Dictate 2.5 customers may experience irregular software crashes when opening or running the software on the new Apple OS X Lion. We are currently investigating reports to discover and address the root cause of the issue. If you wish to continue using Dragon Dictate most effectively, we encourage you to maintain Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

    Here is the link, keep an eye on this page:

  14. Hey Ecig

    I hear your pain. Advice from Nuance seems to be hold on to Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) if you want to go to Dragon Dictate 2.5. Stick with Dragon Dictate 2.0 if you have gone to Lion (OS X 10.7) already for now and hold off the 2.5 upgrade until Nuance have worked out the issue.

    Dictate Australia

  15. Hi Dave, after reading all of the post and responses I am uncertain if Dragon Dictate is still incompatible with Lion or not. Currently, I am using the Lion OS and is contemplating on purchasing Dragon Dictate for transcription of audio files. Since you are using Dragon with your Lion OS, what is your advice on me purchasing Dragon? Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Thanks Nina for your comment.

    Sorry that you were left confused by the info in the post, for a while there it was a bit all over the shop with the various versions of Dragon (Dictate and Scribe) working with Lion. All is now good with Dragon Dictate and Lion so go for it. You will need to check for and install update from 2.5 to 2.5.1 and then you should have a stable version of Dragon Dictate on Lion.

    Its a free update from 2.5 to 2.5.1 – it should kick in automatically after install, if not you can for a check for updates.

    Details from Nuance here:

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

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