Philips Voice Recorder App – Two Subscription Models for Mobile Dictation

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Dictate Australia has recently become a Philips digital audio dealer. We were nudged this way by some of our clients who wanted an alternative to the popular Olympus Dictation App, that being the Philips Recorder App.

Although both apps work off of a yearly subscription model their subscription options are very different, this gives individual users and office/practice managers alike the flexibility to choose the model that best suits them. Whether you manage your dictation licence yourself or manage for a team of medical/legal authors there is a mobile dictation subscription that best suits your need.

Philips Voice Recorder App on Apple iOS Store

What are the Philips Voice Recorder App Subscription Options:

Philips Dictation Hub

  • Perfect for individual users who will manage their own licence
  • Simple quick setup in the Philips Recorder App
  • 30-day free trial available

This is designed for single dictation users who want to manage their own dictation subscription licence. It is very quick simple to setup and costs the same as Olympus ODDS – $149 incl. GST per year for unlimited dictations 24×7.

A 30-day free trial is available for Dictation Hub. Simply download the Philips Dictation App from the iOS App Store or Google Play navigate to Dictation Hub in the Settings under Sending Options and enter your email address, your initials and the email address of who to send the audio to, usually your typist. You can also select the audio format a choice of .dss (not .ds2), .mp3 or .wav, we recommend the default .dss as these tend to be smaller audio files optimised for digital dictation. All good transcription typists will be able to playback .dss audio files.

When you initiate your trial you will get an email from Philips with the subject “Welcome to the SpeechExec Dictation HUB“. The email confirms your settings and contains your individual Philips account number. It will look like this:

Welcome to the Philips SpeechExec Dictation Hub. You have successfully registered for a free 30-day trial.

Account details:
Customer number: 44197
Customer email:
Device ID: 16D527A2-2054-4F59-B54C-F0FD354D390C
Device Type: iPhone11,8
Default recipient; if delivery via email:
Device name: iPhone11,8
Device OS: 13.5.1 

If you decide that towards the end of the trial you want to buy a licence please send a copy of the email or just the customer number to so that we can help you manage your account.

Dictation Hub licences are automatically issued once purchased and can be entered directly into the Philips Recorder App to activate.

Philips SpeechLive

  • Perfect for individual users or a company
  • Fully web-based, no expensive difficult to configure local software to install or licence
  • Works on Mac and Windows
  • Securely Cloud hosted in Australia
  • In-app option to send dictation audio to your typist
  • In-app option to send dictation to automated voice-to-text
  • In-app option to send dictation to the Philips outsource transcription service
  • 30-day free SpeechLive trial available for up to 10 users (Authors and Typists)

This has to be the future of digital dictation. SpeechLive is a cloud-hosted solution for sharing digital dictation audio from the Philips Recorder App (or Philips physical dictaphones) to SpeechLive. The system is accessed via a web browser by Authors (the people dictating) and Typists to collect and process dictation.

As an author after you dictate your letter or note on the Philips Recorder App you have up to three options when sending your digital dictation.

Option 1. Send to SpeechLive for your typist. Your typist will get an alert in the browser and by email that dictation has arrived. They can then download the audio and transcribe locally in their favourite transcription software or they can transcribe directly in the web browser. Transcription in the web browser requires a Philips transcription foot pedal like the Philips ACC2330 or typists can use hot-keys to control audio playback. This means transcription can occur on any internet-connected computer, Mac or Windows, no software required. Perfect when working from home or from multiple offices.

Option 2. Send to automated voice-to-text. Using the Philips automated speech recognition service your dictation audio will be converted from voice to text very quickly. Both the audio and the text will then be available in the SpeechLive web portal for the Author and/or the Typist to collect and proofread (and can also be emailed to you). The accuracy is very high as long as you stick to the usual speech recognition rules. Speak clearly and minimal to no background noise. This is perfect for urgent dictations that need that fast transcription turnaround time.

On the 30-day trial each Author receives 100 minutes of free voice-to-text so you can give it a try and see how fast and accurate it is for your dictation. On a SpeechLive Author full licence you get 10 minutes free per month then after that it is pay-as-you-go at .43c per minute. Click here to buy 100 pre-paid SpeechLive Speech-to-Text Audio minutes. You are in full control of what goes to automated speech-to-text.

Below is a demo of Philips SpeechLive automated voice to text using the Philips Voice Recorder app for iOS and Android:

Option 3. Philips Transcription Service. Philips have their own outsourced transcription service so this option passes your audio to that service to have real people transcribe your audio. Perfect if you have your usual transcription typist off sick or away on leave. Turnaround times vary depending on number of speakers and length of audio.

On the 30-day trial each Author receives 10 minutes of free transcription service so you can also give that a try.

Each Philips SpeechLive licence costs $199 incl. GST per year for Author and Typist licences.

Below are the costs for using the Philips Outsourced Transcription Service, peace of mind knowing you have a backup.

Philips SpeechLive Outsourced Transcription Service Costs in Australian Dollars
Philips SpeechLive Outsourced Transcription Service Costs in Australian Dollars

Want to try SpeechLive in Australia for free for 30-days? Click this link to complete the Philips SpeechLive registration we will then be able to help you with licence configuration and setup.

Is your Philips SpeechLive licence coming up for renewal?

Switch your account to be managed by Dictate Australia and enjoy free support and help. Simply let us know your Philips account number or get in touch and we can organise with Philips Australia to bring you, like many legal and medical companies and individuals across Australia, under Dictate Australia management.

Click here Buy or renew your Philips SpeechLive Licence

For more information about Philips, SpeechLive, Dictation Hub or anything dictation and transcription related please reach out to us via


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