Olympus ODMS R7 Update to Version 7.3.2 – Windows

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A new update for the Olympus Dictation Management Systems (ODMS) Release 7 (R7) for Windows has been released taking the latest version to 7.3.2 – the free update for R7 licence holders includes both updates and bug fixes. Here is a summary of what’s new in this update;

The latest version of ODMS R7 can always be downloaded for free from the Olympus Australia website via this link dictat.es/r7

Olympus ODMS R7 Windows software is included in the following kits:

Added the option to specify whether to transfer files via WCS when downloading files from DS-9500 with USB.

In ODMS R7.3.0, the specification has been changed so that the progress of transcription can be confirmed on the DS-9500 even when the dictation files are transferred via USB. In order to realise this function, it was necessary to transfer files via WCS when download by USB, and the folder path information has to be obtained from DS-9500.

In case the user uses DS-9500 in a different network environment at different locations, file download will be executed via WCS according to the settings on the DS-9500 and will result in an error. Therefore, two options have been added for the file download from DS-9500 to ODMS.

You can select whether to download via USB according to the settings in ODMS or according to the settings on the DS-9500.


Dragon speech recognition software in virtual environment is now supported.

Dragon speech recognition software can be used from ODMS under virtual environment.


Added the option for Firewall settings

When ODMS R7.3.0 is installed, Firewall setting will be automatically done. However, this may not be necessary depending on the user environment. With ODMS R7.3.2, Firewall settings can be customised by command control during installation.


The following fixes have been applied in this update:

  • Fixed the issue that if playback and stop on ODMS with Terminal Service connection, the file position becomes skipped for about 1 second.When using ODMS R7 in a Terminal Service environment, and if playback, stop, and then playback a dictation file, the file position moves for about a second from the point where you stopped.
  • Fixed the issue that an unexpected error may occur when executing the Adaptation process in the environment that uses Dragon roaming profile.In an environment where voice recognition is executed from ODMS R7 using the Dragon roaming profile, an unexpected error occurs if the Waiting List Folder is set as a Share Folder and if the Adaptation of a file is executed. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue that the voice recognition completion message has been displayed in English when German was selected in the Language setting.Some messages were displayed in English and not the language specified by SCP when both ODMS R7 Dictation Module and Transcription Module were installed in Workgroup Mode on the same PC. This issue has been fixed.

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