Olympus ODDS Trial Coming To An End? Order Standard Licences – Select The Right Dealer

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Since the update to the Olympus Dictation App to version 2 in November 2019, end-users have been able to create an account themselves in the Olympus Dictation Portaldictation-portal.com – and instantly be issued with 100 trial licences all lasting for 60 days.

If you have managed to configure any trial licences without Olympus dealer help go to the top of the class, it is not overly intuitive but is highly configurable and does take the pain away from end-users back to where it should be, with the office or practice managers. If you need help configuring your Olympus ODDS trial licences please contact us, we are happy to help (and we will help customers all over the world not just in Australia & New Zealand).

What happens when my 60-day Olympus ODDS trial comes to an end?

As the end to your 60-day free trial comes closer you will receive automated email alerts from Olympus to let you know. You then have the option to replace any number of trial licences with standard licences. A standard licence is a one-year ODDS licence and costs AU$149 incl. GST each (approx. GBP 80, 92 Euros, US$102). To do this you will need to order the number of standard licences you need.

How do I order Standard Licences to replace my Olympus ODDS Trial Licences?

Standard licences can be ordered from within the Olympus Dictation Portal under the right-hand Dashboard. But, before you order Olympus Standard ODDS Licences you will need to nominate an Olympus dealer. Why? The dealers are the people who, on behalf of Olympus worldwide, distribute and help users with their Olympus ODDS licences. First you will need to select a country, this is the country of your dealer, not necessarily your country. Then the dealer you would like to work with.  You may be in the UK or US or even in Asia, regardless we at Dictate Australia can help you, simply select us as your dealer:

Olympus Dictation Portal ODDS Order Standard Licence Select Dealer

Why choose Dictate Australia for your standard ODDS licences?

We have been Olympus Pro Audio resellers for over ten years. We only sell Olympus, no other dictation or voice recorder brand and we have the largest number of ODDS licences under our management in Asia Pacific. We have customers from the USA, Germany, UK, New Zealand and of course Australia whose licences we manage. We provide:

  • Free Olympus ODDS licence configuration and setup
  • Free Olympus ODDS licence troubleshooting
  • Competitive ODDS licence pricing worldwide
  • Contact us at sales@dictate.com.au or call +61 (0)2 7903 0503 anytime

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