The Best Hand Held Mic for Dragon Voice Recognition Dictation

Olympus have just released worldwide a new set of RecMic (hand held, USB connected) microphones for use with Dragon’s speech recognition software.

New Olympus RecMic II RM Series Microphones for Dragon

Of the five models released worldwide only these three will be available in Australia:

The devices are primarily designed to be used with Nuance’s latest Dragon voice recognition software for Windows and Mac however the initial settings of the devices can only be changed with a free Windows software application called the Olympus RecMic Configuration Tool.

The mics boast impressive noise canceling technology allowing you to dictate to Dragon in even the most noisy of environment, Dragon is the most accurate when it receives clear voice audio with no background noise distraction. Additional features such as an accelerometer feed movement data to know when the device is active and being used.

At the time of release there appears to be no update to Olympus’ ODMS dictation module software for Windows or DSS Player Pro v7 Plus for Mac meaning that it can not be used to dictate and create audio files. We are sure that an update release to include this new hardware will happen soon although it is good to see Olympus focus on the growing use of voice recognition technology.

Dragon Certified Microphone Olympus RM-4110S Rm-4100S RM-4010PThe devices come pre-loaded with pre-defined dictation button modes. Olympus mode (which we assume will be used with the Olympus software eventually), Dragon Speech Recognition Mode (for use with the Nuance Dragon software) and Windows Speech Recognition Mode (for use with Cortana and with fledgling Microsoft Dictate, a garage development plugin for voice recognition in Microsoft Office products Word, Office and Powerpoint).

Full Technical Specifications for the three models below. Of note:

Technical Specification Compare Olympus RM-4110S vs RM-4100S vs RM-4010P

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