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Olympus Release Firmware Update v1.20 for DS-7000 & DS-3500 Dictaphones – FlashAir Support

Olympus Dictation iPhone iOS and Android app FlashAir compatible with v1.20 firmware for DS-7000 DS-3500

Olympus this week released a new firmware update for their professional dictation voice recorders, DS-7000 and DS-3500 models. This firmware release is a bit of a milestone in a couple of ways. The reason for the firmware release is to add support for the Toshiba FlashAir wireless LAN embedded SDHC memory cards. FlashAir cards are commonly bundled with Olympus cameras to allow wireless transfer of images to smart phones for editing and sharing. Adding FlashAir support in the Pro digital voice recorders makes them truly mobile devices when used with the new Olympus Dictation iPhone and Android app, more posts on this to come.

Do you need a FlashAir card for your Olympus DS-7000 or DS-3500? We have some, click here ..

The other reason this is a standout firmware update is that this is the first update that can be applied to your Olympus DS-7000 or DS-3500 on a Mac (cheers of delight ring out from all the Mac users). No longer do we need to find an elderly relative with a Windows machine just to upgrade our dictaphones firmware (joking, Windows people, I use both !!).

Click here to download the Olympus DS-7000 v1.20 Firmware Update Zip File

The Olympus DS-7000  v1.20 firmware update zip file contains:

  • Win_DS7000_DSP_v120_Fw_Up.exe firmware update program for Windows
  • Mac_DS7000_DSP_v120_FwUp.dmg firmware update program for Mac

Click here to download the Olympus DS-3500 v1.20 Firmware Update Zip File

The Olympus DS-3500  v1.20 firmware update zip file contains:

  • Win_DS3500_DSP_v120_Fw_Up.exe firmware update program for Windows
  • Mac_DS3500_DSP_v120_FwUp.dmg firmware update program for Mac

The official release notes for firmware update v1.20 are as follows:

  1. Supports the Toshiba FlashAir card. The F4 button will become the WLAN button once a FlashAir card is inserted. The card will start sending WLAN signal when the F3 button is pressed and files become accessible from a PC or a smartphone.
  2. Fixes the bug that the recorder sometimes does not record even when the slide switch is positioned at REC if the slide switch was quickly slid between REC and REV many times.

Click here to download details on how to use the FlashAir SD card with your Olympus DS-7000/DS-3500 in a two page PDF instruction manual

Updating the firmware on the DS-7000/DS-3500 connected to a Mac is very quick and simple. Make sure your recorder is USB connected and that DSS Player Plus v7 is NOT running. Download the zip file for your model of recorder, unzip and then run the .dmg file to start the update. My update of the DS-7000 took around 60 seconds and the screen shots look like this:

Mac Olympus DS-7000 Firmware v1.20 Update Screen Shot

As soon as you press start the firmware is flashed to your recorder and the status is displayed as this happens. As soon as it is flashed you will see the next screen shot confirming that the firmware update is complete:

Mac Olympus DS-7000 Firmware v1.20 Update Screen Shot

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