Firmware Update: Olympus DM-3 & DM-5 Version 1.30 Now Available

October 2011: Olympus voice have posted an update to the firmware for the Olympus DM-3 and DM-5 digital voice recorders. The latest version jumps from 1.20 to 1.30 and included updates specifically for the DM-5 model and is focussed around DAISY, digital talking books for the vision impaired.

The official change from firmware version 1.20 to 1.30 details:

  • Start DAISY file playback from previously stopped position. (DM-5 only)
  • Improved DAISY bookmark function: The bookmark is at the exact position where it is set by the user. (DM-5 only)

For details on how to update the firmware on your DM-3/DM-5 please refer to our earlier blog post:

Mac & Windows – Olympus DM-3 / DM-5 Firmware Update – How To


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