[Mac] Olympus DSS Player Version 7 Plus Upgrade To 7.2.8 Available – Lion Compatible

DSS Player Plus V7 for Mac - Lion Compatible

A couple of customers recently have had some minor issues using their Olympus DS-5000/DS-5000iD/DS-3400 digital dictaphone on their Mac running Lion (OS X 10.7). The problem experienced was that the device was not automatically recognised by the software when the digital voice recorder was docked or the USB cable attached.

The problem seemed to stem from release 7.2.6 of the Olympus DSS Player Plus software which was built and shipped pre the Lion release. Olympus have now released a patch to version 7.2.8 which makes DSS Player Pro for Mac now fully Lion compatible.

The patch can be downloaded from Olympus directly – click here to download the latest Olympus Voice software updates and patches

14 thoughts on “[Mac] Olympus DSS Player Version 7 Plus Upgrade To 7.2.8 Available – Lion Compatible”

  1. Hello Irene

    This is just a standard Mac .dmg disk image installer file. Just click on the .dmg file and the instructions to install should pop up. You should not be running DSS Player at the time of update. On the next release I will do some screen shots of the process but essentially it is the same as installing or updating any software on the Mac outside of the Mac App store.


    Dictate Australia

  2. I was using NCH software on PC how can I upload DSS software for Mac to incorporate foot pedal PLEASE HELP. NCH software for Mac does not allow DSS files!

  3. Hello Elaine

    On Mac you can play DSS file but, like the Windows version, you need the Pro version of Express Scribe. Alternativly you can use the Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 software for Mac which also plays .dss and newer .ds2 – on a Mac you would need the AS-2400 kit (not the AS-7000 kit).

    Hope that helps.


  4. Hi

    I have the DSS PLayer Version & Plus (version 7.2.0) on my Mac, but I cannot convert m4a files so that I can listen to them using the DSS player. Can I update the software for free, and will this fix the issue?


  5. Hey Amy

    The .m4a audio format is not supported by DSS Player Plus for Mac. What you can do is load the audio into iTunes and use that to convert it to .aif format which will load into DSS Player Plus for Mac.

    Hope that helps 🙂


  6. Hi Dave Many thanks for your help! But…I had the pro version of Express Scribe for Mac and they told me it was not compatible and gave my money back!! I have OS X Lion which everyone keeps telling me will not work. I am at my wits end trying to figure this out! I have tried downloading the Olympus software too this also wont work. Any more ideas? Forever in your debt if you can help here.

    Kind regards Elaine

  7. Hey Elaine

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Firstly tell me what chip you have in your Mac, sounds like you may have a PowerPC running Lion in which case you will find alot of software no longer compatible. But lets see, you can tell which chip is in you Mac by following this: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1531

    Once I know I can advise further.

    Dictate Australia

  8. Dear Dave,
    I have installed DSS Player 7.2.8 on a Mac Pro. I have a DSS Player 6 Plus license, but it does not upgrade the DSS 728 to Plus. The Help link (Upgrade to DSS Player Plus) does not work (Page not found). I need to split files in Plus. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

  9. Has anybody been able to get their Olympus AS-7000 foot pedal to work on their Mac OS X Version 10.6.8.

    I installed the software and was able to bring up the DSS Player. I’m able to get any of my dictations through iTunes but not able to get the dictations from DSS Player. Any suggestions?

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