Ooh The Excitement – LiveScribe SmartPens Back At Dictate Australia

LiveScribe Echo 2gb 4gb 8gb SmartPen from Dictate Australia

Yes we are now back stocking the amazing LiveScribe Echo SmartPen range at Dictate Australia. Some of you, who have been around our site for a while, will recall we were into the LiveScribe SmartPens when they were first released in Australia a few years ago. Distributor problems and tiny margins saw us leave this product behind but a recent move by one of our distributors means we again have full access to the LiveScribe Echo range of SmartPens.What we loved about the original LiveScribe SmartPen, called the Pulse, apart from being Mac and Windows friendly was the great audio recording quality and the ability to link that audio to your written notes. This is a boon for the odd student who either takes huge amounts of notes or for the student who nods off in lectures. Also a favourite with business types who attend meetings and conferences, the LiveScribe Echo SmartPens are a handy gadget to have in your tech arsenal.

The LiveScribe Echo SmartPen comes in 2Gb, 4Gb and 8Gb sizes – the 8Gb pen comes in a choice or standard pack or Pro pack. In the Pro pack you get a swanky case plus the 3D ear buds.

Head over to our new evolving store [ click here for a sneak peek ] to have a look at our LiveScribe range and pickup free postage on all LiveScribe Echo SmartPens across Australia.

LiveScribe Echo SmartPen 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb Pro Pack - Buy online from Dictate Australia

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