New Philips SpeechLive App – Add Images to Dictation

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Philips Dictation has just released a new app for digital dictation called Philips SpeechLive. As the name suggests it is for their SpeechLive subscribers and can be used instead of their Philips Voice Recorder App. The Voice Recorder app which will remain for the Dictation Hub users and those SpeechLive users who don’t want to change.

The new app sports a new UI and more intuitive access to features and functions. The central location of the record button now makes one-handed dictation on the larger iPhones much easier regardless of whether you are right or left-handed.

One much-anticipated feature is the ability to add images to your dictation files. You can add multiple images directly from your phone (max. total 30Mb) which can then can access via SpeechLive by your typist. We know this is handy for surgeons, forensic investigators and real estate professionals.

If you have an existing SpeechLive Author account you can download and use the app straight away.

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