RØDE Wireless GO – The World’s Smallest Wireless Microphone System

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RØDE Wireless GO – It’s Tiny, It’s Awesome & It’s Designed and Built in Australia

Are you looking for a quality wireless mic to attach to talent while filming on your iPhone or DSLR? Perhaps a microphone that has a 70-meter line of sight range, that can be discreetly hidden. A mic that comes with a windshield for those blowy days. Compatible with a professional-grade lavalier TRS mic that can be plugged into the wireless transmitter for even higher quality sound. For a wireless mic that can attach to a stick mount for to camera reports and interviews. A mic that also comes in white so can easily be hidden on light coloured clothes, like a wedding dress. A wireless mic system that can last for up to 7 hours on one charge.

Of course you are! In that case you have likely already seen or heard of the amazing Rode Wireless GO system made here in Sydney, Australia.

Buy Rode Wireless GO from MIC1 Australia in black or white

The system itself comprises of a 31-gram Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX). The transmitter connects via wifi to the receiver to send super clear 128bit encrypted audio over 2.4Ghz wifi.

Rode Wireless GO TX Transmitter all round view

Rode Wireless GO RX Receiver all round view

What’s In The RØDE Wireless GO Box?

As you can see from the back of the box below, you get:

  • Rode Wireless GO Transmitter and Receiver (in both black or both white)
  • A pair of Rode Wireless GO colour-coded furry windshields
  • USB-C cables for charging
  • Red Rode SC2 TRS to TRS cable
  • A handy carry pouch


Rode Wirless GO back of the box showing the content

The red Rode SC2 cable in the box is TRS to TRS. TRS are 2-stripe 3.5mm jacks and commonly used in digital voice recorders and also the audio input on DSLR cameras. One comment we often see in reviews for the Rode Wireless GO is often buyer disappointment that the Rode Wireless GO requires more cables to use with a smartphone, mainly the iPhone. That is because smartphones utilise a TRRS (or 3-stripe) connector.

Can I use RODE Wireless GO with an iPhone?

Yes you can but to use the Rode Wireless GO with an iPhone you would also need an extra cable the Rode SC7 (TRS to TRRS) cable. Plus if you have a newer iPhone (or iPad) with a lightning only connector you will need yet another connector to convert from TRRS to lightning connector like this one from Apple or you can use the Rode SC6-L if you happen to have one. Don’t stress it is not as hard as it sounds. The image below shows a RODE Wireless GO receiver feeding crisp clear audio via a RODE SC7 (red) cable and Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter (white) into an iPhone.

How to use Rode Wireless Go with iPhone via lightning connector

On our sister site MIC.1 Australia we sell the RODE Wireless Go and as a RODE Wireless GO Mobile Kit which includes the RODE SC7 cable that you need.

What Accessories Can I Get For The RODE Wireless GO?

RODE Australia has recently added a couple of accessories to compliment your wireless mic setup. If you are a mobile journalist or solo news reporter then the RODE Interview GO might be for you. It is a hand-held stick mount for the RODE Wireless GO transmitter and can be left open or covered in a high-density windshield. Perfect for filing reports to your smartphone camera or DSLR and for on the spot interviews.

RODE Interview GO handheld stick microphone mount for the RODE Wireless GO transmitter mic
RODE Interview GO

Both the RODE Wireless GO RX and TX both come with a clip for attaching to the presenter and the recording device. The clip can be removed and in the case of the RX mounted on a DSLR camera hot-shoe. Additionally, you can get the RODE MagClip GO which will connect your RX and TX via a very strong magnet. This is handy if you are positioning the TX on clothing, just fix the material between the magnet and the TX. Or use it to fix the RX to a camera mount or rig.

What Microphones Can I Get For The RODE Wireless GO?

The microphone built into the RODE Wireless GO TX is a perfectly capable mic on its own. As we have already mentioned a tiny windshield is also supplied in case you are recording outside and want to avoid some wind noise. Sometimes though you might need higher quality or even less intrusive option and that is where the RODE Lavalier GO omnidirectional 4.5mm condenser capsule mics come in. Colour matched in black or white to the RODE Wireless GO TX the professional-grade mics connect via a TRS cable into the TX. The transmitter can then be popped in a pocket or tucked away behind your presenter while the Lavalier mic is clipped to a shirt or lapel.

RODE Lavalier GO black or white professional grade condenser mic for Wireless GO in black or white

So there you have it. An incredible design from the team up at RODE in Sydney bringing amazing wireless audio to whatever audio or visual project you are working on. All available from MIC.1 Australia with free shipping Australia wide.

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