ODMS R6 for Windows System Admins Released By Olympus – AS-56

Olympus AS-56 ODMS for System Admins Windows Workgroup

Just announced this week by Olympus is a slight change to how Multi User Licences (MUL) for latest version of the dictation module and transcription module software is handled on a Windows server Workgroup environment. This has changed since the DSS Player Pro R5 release where the licence admin software was included for free on every dictation module CD.

With ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) R6 the licence admin software has been removed and bundled into a separate software package called the Olympus AS-56 which retails for $399 incl. GST in Australia and will be available mid June 2012. Olympus state that the new software for multi licence control is much easier to use than the last version and can handle both R5 and R6 MULs.

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