Now For The Good News (Olympus DM-3) And The Bad News (Olympus DM-450)

This Friday (24th June, 2011) we will see the sad demise of the superb Olympus DM-450 and DM-550 digital voice recorders in Australia, that’s the bad news (ahhhhhhh). But the good news, they will be replaced by the Olympus DM-3 (hooray !!) – cheer along with me if it makes you feel better.

This will be a day of mixed emotions for me, as I have stated before in my ramblings the DM-450 was easily my favourite recorders ever. Ease of use, audio quality, speed of startup, feature packed and of course a great looking recorder made this an awesome recorder, sadly replaced along with the DM-550 (its bigger, beefier, PCM brother) by the DM-3. The DM-3 will join the already available DM-5 as the sole representatives of the DM range in Australia.

We hope to get our first DM-3 early next week and will follow that up with some testing and a full blog review and some up close pictures for your viewing and reading pleasure.

So long DM-450, my friend !

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