Olympus for Mac Users – Don’t Upgrade to macOS 11 Big Sur Yet

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**UPDATE** DSS Player Plus v7.7.4 (and above) now supports macOS Big Sur – download here: dictat.es/mac-downloads

If you use an Olympus Digital Dictaphone user exclusively on a Mac you are encouraged to hold-off upgrading to the latest Mac operating system major update to macOS 11 Big Sur when it is released. Initial testing of DSS Player Plus v7.7.3 on beta macOS 11 by Olympus is showing an issue with the auto-download of audio from the dictaphone.

At the time of writing Apple has not officially announced the public release date of macOS 11 Big Sur, it is expected towards the end of 2020, the public betas have been available since mid-2020.

Look out for an Olympus update to DSS Player Plus v7 for macOS which will fix this auto-download issue. Any version above v7.7.3 will be macOS 11 Big Sur compatible. You can always download the latest Olympus Mac installer and upgrade packages from dictat.es/mac-downloads

Should you miss this post and upgrade to macOS 11 Big Sur anyway, if you are running Olympus DSS Player v7.7.3 there is a workaround for auto-download issue.

  1. USB connect your Olympus digital dictaphone, the device will be recognised as a USB device and will be visible in Finder and an Icon on your desktop (yes we know the screenshot is on a macOS 10 Catalina Mac, Olympus have assured us they tested on macOS 11):

USB connect your Olympus Dictaphone to your Mac


2. Open the mounted drive (double click) in Finder and navigate to the folder on the recorder containing your audio. You can then simply drag and drop the audio from the recorder to your preferred Download Tray folder in DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac ready for you to playback.

Drag and drop audio from Olympus Dictaphone to DSS Player for Mac on macOS 11 Big Sur


2 thoughts on “Olympus for Mac Users – Don’t Upgrade to macOS 11 Big Sur Yet”

  1. 7.7.3 wasn’t working properly for me on Mac. I have been using Express Scribe instead and only using 7.7.3 to convert files. So hope the next version is an improvement as the software as nowhere near the standard I had on Windows.

  2. Hello Andrew

    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. DSS Player Plus v7.7.3 is currently the latest version of DSS Player for Mac from Olympus. As Express Scribe does not support the .ds2 (DSS Pro) format makes sense that you are using DSS Player to convert to a compatible Express Scribe audio format.

    Unfortunately Olympus seem to have given up on the development of DSS Player Plus for Mac just doing the minimum to support the latest macOS version. We wrote our thoughts on this in this recent blog post.

    Thanks for sharing your tip Andrew.

    You can always download the latest release of DSS Player Plus v7 for macOS from https://dictat.es/mac-downloads


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