Post To Twitter Using Your Voice With Dragon Dictate by Nuance

How to post a status update to twitter using voice with Dragon Dictate and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

One of the social media tweaks added to Dragon Dictate, voice recognition for Mac, in its recent upgrade from version 2.0 to 2.5 was the ability to post status messages directly to Facebook and Twitter simply using a voice command. With so many of us using twitter these days it was an obvious add-in to make by Nuance. So just how easy is it to tweet using your voice?

Piece of cake, I just did my first voice tweet and like a new born baby I filmed it for the memories. It’s quick and easy. The steps are:

  1. Say “Post to twitter
  2. A pop-up dialogue box appears, just talk your tweet.
  3. When you are done say “Press tweet

That is it. For those of you who can’t quite visualise it, here is the video.

Before you actually launch into tweeting you will need to configure your twitter account in the Dragon Dictate preferences. {Dictate -> Preferences => Sharing}

Configure Dragon Dictate for Mac for sharing with twitter and Facebook

This feature is also available to Windows users who own Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5 and up.

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