Olympus Release Firmware Update for DS-9500 Digital Dictaphone – v1.10

Hot on the heels of the release of their new flagship pro digital dictation handheld recorder, the Olympus DS-9500, Olympus have released the first firmware update for the unit, taking its firmware version to v1.10

Unfortunately for MacOS users the firmware can only be applied from a Windows PC, so you will need to find a friend to help you out. Windows users you can download the firmware from the Olympus Europe support site – OPDSupport

The Olympus DS9500 firmware update addresses:

  • Changing the WiFi connection so that it can be implemented in the background.
  • Changing the WiFi connection so that it can be cancelled.
  • When entering the WiFi security code and email address, additional special characters are now available.
  • Recording the serial number information of the product to the header of DSS file.
  • Improving stability of sending dictations via email.
  • Fixing the problem where the time set in some environments will get out of order.

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